Dieffenbachia Yellow Leaves | Causes & How to Care

Dieffenbachia Yellow Leaves

Dieffenbachia is an impressive plant with its big white and green leaves. It multiplies our home’s beauty hundreds of times.

But sometimes we find that the dieffenbachia leaves are slowly turning yellow. Sometimes it is normally old leaves. However, most of the time, these problems occur due to several causes and irregularities in caring for the plant.

So why does the yellow leaf problem occur?

Overwatering, underwatering, lack of lighting, lack of oxygen, low humidity, nutrient deficiency, bugs, and insecticide may be the cause of your plant leaf to turn yellow.

And how to solve this problem?

To solve this problem, you have to identify what is exactly causing this problem. After that, you have to take proper steps against that. There are many things to consider in this case that we are going to discuss in this article.

So, read the full article to know detailed causes and solutions for the Dieffenbachia yellow leaves problem.

Why Are The Leaves On My Dieffenbachia Turning Yellow?

Why The Leaves On My Dieffenbachia Turning Yellow


Overwatering is one of the most usual reasons for yellow leaves on Dieffenbachia, triggering progressing, theorized yellowing of the vegetation. This is a concern that occurs to lots of houseplants, as we have a tendency to water frequently.

Too much watering creates the soil to continue to be water-logged for prolonged durations, causing lowered airflow to the roots. Soaked soil sinks your plant, as the roots are a significant oxygen uptake resource necessary for your plant’s healthy performance.

Without well-functioning roots, regular plant procedures are hindered, causing progressing, theorized yellowing of the leaves. Left also long, the roots will certainly catch opportunistic fungal as well as microbial condition, as well as the plant will certainly be doomed.

You’ll observe the pot is hefty as it is complete of water. If you assume root rot might be established, you can reduce the plant out of its pot as well as examine the roots. We often neglect to water a plant for a little while. This will certainly typically cause brownish or yellow leaves, generally of brand-new growth and also older, reduced leaves also, yet not usually in a theorized pattern, just like overwatering.

This needs to be a very easy reason to determine as Dieffenbachia plants are fairly dry spell forgiving. By the time the leaves transform yellow/brown as well as a little crunchy, the soil will certainly be totally dry. The pot will certainly really feel much lighter than regular, and also, the plant leaves will certainly look really completely dry.

Reduced Humidity

Even more forgiving to reduced humidity than some interior plants, your Dieffenbachia can still create yellow leaves in really reduced humidity problems.

When the plant is relocated from a greater humidity place to a reduced humidity area, this is most likely to occur. The plant needs to make a fast modification to the brand-new expanding problems.

This problem is especially usual if you purchase a dieffenbachia plant expanded in excellent, high humidity problems at the baby room. You after that bring it residence to the much more dry problems that a lot of us have in our houses.

When a plant is expanded in high humidity and afterward relocated to an individual’s office or home where there is much less humidity, the adjustment can influence the plant as well as make its leaves turn yellow. This adjustment is normally brief and also vanishes after the plant has actually appropriately adjusted to its brand-new setting.

Bugs And Disease

Dieffenbachia leaves turning yellow can likewise result from insect invasions and also infections from fungus or microorganisms. Dieffenbachia can be influenced by the majority of the usual houseplant pests, consisting of mealy pests, range, as well as spider termites.

Inspecting your plant frequently for pests by examining both sides of the leaves can go a long way to dealing with or protecting against an issue at the beginning. Sap-sucking will certainly trigger significantly fallen leaf yellowing as they collect the priceless juices within your plant.

Spider termites can be especially hazardous, as they are so little it can be difficult to find an issue prior to it’s practically far too late. Search for great internet on and between the leaves, and do not postpone dealing with it if you identify the trouble.

Bacterial as well as fungal conditions can likewise transform your leaves yellow. Overwatering is without a doubt one of the most usual reasons that a dieffenbachia plant will certainly create illness issues, so err on the side of care, as well as you can stop the majority of these from creating trouble.

Nutrient Deficiency

A series of nutrient shortage issues can cause your Dieffenbachia leaves to turn yellow, typically nitrogen and phosphorus shortages.

A plant that has actually not been reported for several years as well as left without fertilizer will ultimately present indicators of nutrient shortage as well as yellowing leaves. Nutrient lacking soil is frequently utilized to expand a variety of houseplants, with a mix of peat moss and perlite being just one of my favored blends for plants, consisting of dumb canes.

The disadvantage of this is that you truly need to offer supplementary fertilizer to aid your Dieffenbachia flourish as well as expand to its max possibility. Dieffenbachia care for yellow leaves includes proper nutrition. Because nutrient poisoning can probably trigger even more issues.

Extreme Temperature

Dieffenbachia plants do best in temperature levels of between 50-80 ° F as well as will certainly start to reveal indicators of stress and anxiety outside this temperature array. Yellow leaves are just one of the most typical indicators of this stress and anxiety response. The plant can not operate with the same performance outside these temperature levels.

Lack of Lighting

Indirect intense light is best for Dieffenbachia. Extended periods of straight sunshine can be harmful to Dieffenbachia as they are prone to drying out as well as shedding out. The appropriate quantity of light is vital in these plants, not just since it directly influences the plant’s health but also because little or as well much light makes complex exactly how much and just how frequently you require to water the plant.


If you are quite certain, you have actually obtained most various other facets of treatment called in, yet your plant still appears to be obtaining a lot of yellow leaves. Think about drafts. A/c systems, home heating vents, or leaking windows prevail perpetrators.

5 Tips For Dieffenbachia yellow leaves

Why Are The Leaves On My Dieffenbachia Turning Yellow


The most effective way to water your Dieffenbachia is by saturating the soil to the point until it starts to find out the holes in the bottom of the pot. As soon as it ends, allow it to absorb what it requires for a couple of minutes prior to clearing the excess water from the pot.

Do not water again until a couple of inches of soil are practically dry. It’s tough to claim specifically how much time this will certainly take since it depends on numerous points, consisting of modifications in light, humidity, and temperature.

The very best method to identify when it’s time to water your Dieffenbachia once more is just to check your plant and also examine the soil by sticking your finger right into it several inches. Go in advance and also offer it some water when you feel little to no dampness. Normally, Dieffenbachia requires extra water throughout the springtime as well as summer season as well as substantially much less throughout the coast as well as winter season.


To prevent these concerns, discover a place where the plant is not in the course of straight sunshine for greater than 1-2 hrs daily, as well as preferably it stays out of straight sunshine, yet offers brilliant, indirect sunshine throughout the day.

The design, as well as the windows in the area straight impact the quantity of sunshine. This will certainly differ depending upon the instructions your windows are dealing with, as well as just how space is prepared.

Keep in mind that the transforming seasons also transform the quantity of light and heat readily available to your plant. You might require to relocate your plant to various places in your house throughout the year to prevent extremes of inadequate or extreme light.

Some yellowing of the leaves prevails throughout the transforming seasons, especially in fall and also winter months, when old vegetation is most likely to pass away as part of this plant’s all-natural growth practice.


I advise placing an electronic thermostat next to your plant for a couple of days if you believe temperature stress and anxiety might be playing a function. These typically videotape the present temperature, and the optimum and minimum temperature tape-recorded, making it very easy to discover weather-appropriate.


The plant ought to recoup if you return to a regular watering timetable. I would certainly recommend watering diligently for around one month prior to trimming off any brownish or yellow vegetation to prevent worrying the plant exceedingly.


Fertilize your Dieffenbachia every 2-3 weeks throughout the expanding period with a well-balanced, water-soluble fertilizer composed at half stamina. You can utilize natural fertilizer. However, there are pros and also disadvantages of this.

How To Care For A Dieffenbachia Plant

Care For A Dieffenbachia Plant

Prior to providing the plant with a water drink, it is better to check out the soil’s moisture status initially to make sure it isn’t wet sufficiently below the surface area. We sleek the soil to prevent moving throughout transportation. Therefore oxygenating can assist the soil permit and also inhale moisture to be launched.

Dieffenbachia favors soil that is constantly and also gently wet, however not soaked. Typically, the goal is to water the plant when the top 1″- 3″ of the soil is completely dry. However, if the plant remains in a reduced light problem, it can easily dry a little more. Permitting the soil to dry entirely completely will occur in the leaves browning, sagging, and also wilting.

Awesome drafts can trigger the plant’s delegates yellow and also crinkle, so maintain it in an area with temperature levels over 60 levels. Dieffenbachia is vulnerable to spider bugs. Putting it out of the straight stream of air flows and raising the humidity near the plant with a humidifier, mister, or pebble tray will certainly help in avoidance.

Revolve your plant regularly to make sure it also grows on all sides and also dirt the leaves commonly; therefore, the plant can photosynthesize effectively. When cleaning the leaves, additionally seize the day to evaluate the bottoms as well as watch out for insects.

Bear in mind each plant is a special creature and also might have differing demands, specifically in their specific areas. Take notice of the problem of your Dieffenbachia as well as its watering requirements, and also you will certainly have a pleased and also lengthy partnership.

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