Top 5 Weed That Looks Like A Strawberry Plant

Suppose you are walking around your yard and suddenly observe some strawberry-like plants that you have not planted yet. Being inexperienced you may be interested to know how they come here. You become excited at the same appearance of these plants like strawberries. Don’t get fooled. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to be excited about.

You may notice some plants having similar leaves to strawberries, some produce alike fruits, while some have similar characteristics to strawberries. Actually, these plants are quite common weeds in lawns although they have a comparable character like strawberries. You won’t get edible berries from them. Most importantly, the plants often get so invasive. They inhibit other plants from growing properly. You should have a clear understanding of what they really are! Pay attention to the intruders and get off them from your lawn immediately.

With this in mind, today, we are gonna talk about the top 5 weeds that look like a strawberry plant. Here, you will get the entire concept of these plants. You will also get to know how to recognize actual strawberry plants. Keep reading for more information.

5 Weed That Looks Like A Strawberry Plant

1. Norwegian cinquefoil (Potentilla norvegica):

Norwegian cinquefoil

Norwegian cinquefoil is a garden weed of the cinquefoil family that looks like strawberry leaves. They bear flowers that are yellow, not white like strawberries. But they don’t produce fruits or berries. Cinquefoil is often called barren strawberry that produces inedible fruits.

Potentilla norvegica is the scientific name of  Norwegian cinquefoil that is a wild plant and often acts like weeds. They sometimes get more invasive to your garden. They bear round-toothed, three-part leaves that are also called trifoliate as strawberry leaves look like. The plants can grow up to 1-3 feet. It is often called a short-lived perennial having a wide tap root that yields a basal rosette of leaves.

The plant has a thick stem that can be green or red. Being 50 cm in height, the stem branches leaves either five leaflets or three leaflets. Each leaflet can be 5 cm in length and is lance-shaped along with toothed verges. The basal leaflets contain thin sharp-tipped stipules whereas top leaflets include elliptical stipules. The plant bears eye-catching yellow-colored flowers where each flower is 4 mm long with 5 round petals. Although it has a similar appearance to strawberries, it is not so but an invasive weed.

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2. Mock strawberry (Duchesnea indica syn. Fragaria indica):

Mock strawberry

Mock strawberry UK is a wild plant that resembles cultivated strawberries. It looks like a strawberry plant but only differs in flowers. It produces yellow-colored flowers while cultivated strawberry plants bear white flowers. This is the only difference. Thus, sometimes we get confused with this wild plant. This plant is common in wild areas such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, California, etc. It’s a common question: Are mock strawberries poisonous? Actually not. The flowers are bland but not poisonous.

Mock strawberries produce three-part or trifoliate leaves that are round-toothed. The leaves resemble actual strawberry leaves. They carry strawberry-like fruit of red color. These fruits taste bitter. The leaves are attached to a crown of roots that have long petioles. The leaflets are blunt-tipped at the base. Each leaflet can grow ¾–1¾” in length. The upper leaflets are somewhat dark green and have no hair.

Potentilla indica often gets invasive and tough to weed out. If you notice this similar type plant of strawberry, don’t forget to pull out the garden. Generally, they are weeds in your garden that grow very fast and hamper other plants to grow well. If you want to keep your yard weed-free, you have to know how to get rid of mock strawberries. They prefer partial sunlight, fertile ground, and moist soil. Don’t let them grow.

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3. Wood strawberry (Fragaria vesca):

Wood strawberry

Wood strawberry is also called California strawberry as it is quite common in California. It is well-known as the parent to cultivated strawberries. It has a thick stem from where the leaves spread out. The leaves are light-green and trifoliate with round-toothed leaves. The plant has a green soft hairy stalk that can be 3-15 cm in height. The stalk carries about 5-11 white-colored hairy flowers. The blooms often have the yellow center to the white petals.

Although the flowers look marvelous but act like weeds.

Some plants of Fragaria vesca often produce fruits that have a good taste. But the wild plants bear bland or bitter fruits. The plant grows through runners or stolons. It can be 6-12 inches in height. The blooming season is between April to June. The berries are good-tasting and egg-shaped to conic. It has a slender stem that produces a cluster of 2-5 flowers. The blooms have 5 round white petals with yellow stripes.

For growing, the plant needs partial sunlight, average to moist soils, fertile ground, woods, and thickets. Actually, it is a poisonous plant that looks like strawberries. Don’t let the plants grow invasive in your garden. Nowadays,  wood strawberries are being widely used as a


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4. Wild strawberry (Fragaria virginiana):

Wild strawberry

Wild strawberry, a strawberry-like plant, is known as a parent of the cultivated strawberry plant. They are found in the United States, United Kingdom, California, Canada, or other wooded areas. They grow best in woodlands. The plant has several names according to its growing place including Virginia strawberry, common strawberry, or mountain strawberry. It can be 4 to 6 inches tall and typically carries multiple leaves.

The leaves of the plant are trifoliate, oval-shaped, and round-toothed in appearance. The upper surface of the leaflets is green whereas the lowest surfaces are pale green.  The leaflets are arranged beautifully in the thick stem when each leaflet measures 3 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width. The stalk of the plant bears numerous eye-catching flowers that are white and five-petaled. There are yellow stripes on the white blooms making them more attractive.

The plant bears fruits named wild strawberries that are edible but not as sweet as cultivated strawberries. The strawberry-like fruits are red and flavorful. In most cases, the fruits are consumed as a substitute for modern strawberries. The plant demands sunny or dry locations for growing. They prefer partial sunlight and fertile moist soil. The plant often bears berries named “Little Scarlets” that are widely consumed in Great Britain and the United States.

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5. Fragaria x ananassa:

Fragaria x ananassa

Fragaria x ananassa is another type of strawberry-like plant that comes from the flowering plant family named Rosaceae. The plant is a good substitute for modern classy strawberries thus it is often called cultivated strawberries. It is popular in different countries like the United States, Asia, Europe, and other woodlands. It is an ornamental plant that seems like a strawberry plant as it bears the same leaves and fruits like strawberries.

The plant from the rose family contains a thick stem to arrange a cluster of leaves. The leaflets are arranged elegantly with round-toothed and trifoliate characteristics. Each leaflet has a length and width of respectively 3 and 1.5 inches.

The bearing fruits resemble strawberry-like fruits. The fruits are good-tasting and being sold at a greater amount. You can cultivate these plants in your yard with partial sunlight, moist soil, and low temperature.

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How To Recognize Strawberry Plants:

We have love with strawberries but we should be aware of weeds resembling strawberry plants. Don’t judge the plant only by observing its appearance. Various plants look like strawberries. So, identifying the real ones is very important as the weed plants are poisonous and cause damage to other plants.

Know the shape of the real strawberry plant:

Strawberry, the perennial plant that usually thrives in USDA Zone 3 to 11. It contains leaves only at the lowermost part of the plant. Each stem carries three leaflets, whereas the verges are serrated. It bears flowers of white colors with 5-8 petals. The blooms are generally oval-shaped. It produces palatable good-tasting fruits called strawberries. The fruits are red-colored and hearth-shaped. The plant grows via runners or offshoots.

Telling the weeds apart:

Before eating anything we should know what we are going to eat. Weed strawberry plants can be poisonous. So, you should pay attention to it. You can choose the right one knowing one thing. Most weed strawberry plants like mock strawberries have hairless leaves whereas cultivated strawberries have hairy leaves.

Look at the flowers the plant bears. Cultivated strawberries yield white flowers while weed strawberry plants produce yellow-colored blooms. They almost have the same appearance but not the actual ones. Keep closer attention to the fruit also and observe whether it is hairy or hairless.


You may get various strawberry-like plants alongside your garden. Don’t get wrong with these weeds. Although they have a similar appearance to strawberries, they are actually poisonous.

With this in mind, we come here with the top 5 weeds that look like strawberry plants. Know their characteristics and tell them apart.

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