Top 7 Plants That Look Like Weed & Marijuana

Plants That Look Like Weed & Marijuana

Back when I lived in another house in New York, I tried to grow cassava plants inside my home over the whole winter. After that, I place them on a nice seat beside the main window of my room to attain enough heat and sunlight.

One night right after setting them up, I went for a walk and noticed the plant from the road. I was surprised that It was looking similar to the weed plant.

Seriously, this was a shocking moment for me. Usually, cassava does not look so much similar when seeing closely, but it looks similar to the weed from a noticeable distance.

For those who do not know about weed plants, see the below picture.

There are many plants that look so much similar to the weed. Sometimes you will get confused if you are a beginner or never watched before.

After that, I thought It would be helpful for people If I can write about those plants that look like weed.

Actually, five years ago, I was also stuck in a situation like this. I made a mistake identifying this type of plant when seeing it from a distance. After that, I had done some research on this and gathered a lot of information.

This post will basically tell you about my gathered information and try to clear your confusion by discussing what plants look like marijuana.

So, without further ado. Let us talk about the top 7 plants that look like weed and marijuana.

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