Best Sugar Ant Killer

Best Sugar Ant Killer

Have you noticed an ant in your kitchen? There are different types of ants, but the ants in the kitchen and amazon are not the same. They are different in nature. Sugar ants are called in different names, some are called pharaoh ant, pavement ant, and many other names. But the main sugar ant is based in the kitchen. So, we need the best sugar ant killer to kill them.

Have you ever seen ants carrying sugar or sweets? Then definitely that is sugar ant. Even they can poke into your juice can too. But how they reach our kitchen. Generally, they live near temperature places to keep their home warm. And they look for foods after 10.00 to 11.00 PM everyday and find the sweet and juicy foods around them. If they find it in their living room, they will bring their army there. So, we should be careful with keeping food.

But why do they do so? Have we ever thought about it? They have two types of intentions, they collect food for regular days and store food for winter. So, they need food. Here they patrol for food and when they find it, they call others to help. They generally work in a team. They carry food and collect as much as possible. But we have to know the process of how to protect our kitchen from them.

We will today discuss how to keep your kitchen and other places away from sugar ants. We will suggest necessary medicine to kill them and stay safe. So, hang with us to get the necessary information here.

The Top Choices at a Glance:

Here I have listed the top 7 best sugar ant killers from different types of industries with different features & It will help you to get the best sugar ant killer.

  1. TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer
  2. Raid Max Double Control Ant Baits
  3. Amdro 100099216 Ant Block Granule
  4. Hot Shot 2048 HG-2048 Insect Killer
  5. Syngenta – Optigard Ant Bait Gel Box
  6. Combat Max Ant Killing Bait Stations
  7. HARRIS Plant Oil Based Quick Ant Killer

What Is The Sugar Ant Killer

As we have known, there are different types of sugar ants. There are killer medicines available in stores. They can be in liquid form, powder form or direct sprayer. So, we have to find the right product for this task. How will we find it? We should know about it in detail as we can properly utilize them.

Powder form killers are not safe for home. They can fly with air and can fall in food. On the other hand, the sprayers only work in the direct spray mode to the ants. So, you are not able to use it directly on the ground or wall. Only the liquid form is much better to kill ants. You can also kill ants effectively in this case. It carries borax, which is a killer medicine.

So, we have to choose the sugar ant killer solution wisely. We can make it work in our kitchen where we cook our food safely.

How To Choose The Best Sugar Ant Killer

There are different types of killers around us. We can find them in the nearest stores and online.  But how will we know what is the best killer? We have to first check the categories and then we will be able to fix the issues. There are generally three types of ant killers. There are powder form, sprayer form, and liquid form ant killers that are effective for killing ants.

But which forms are good for killing is a matter of question. We will discuss all of them here. The power form is good, you can use it on corners, on ant trails, or ant houses directly. They are effective, but the risk is that these powders can float on air. If there is much wind, you will see that these powders are scattered everywhere. So, we need to be careful of these powders. There are also chalks available too.

Chalks are effective to keep ants away, but these have also risk mixing with food items. If we use these chalks in the kitchen, then there is a risk that we can unintentionally mix them or touch them and later touch foods. These are very risky for food items. We should be very careful about it.

There are sprayers, they are more advanced. You can spray where you see ants. But you have to be careful where you are spraying. Food and regularly used utensils should be kept away. There is one critical issue, where you are spraying it is most important. If you spray on a surface and think ants will not come here, it will be a big mistake. As the effect of the sprayer is not for a longer time.

Sprayers are effective when you apply it directly to the ants. Then it will kill them. So, when you use it, be more careful. If you apply it on any surface or wait for ants to die, then it will be a big mistake. Only spraying directly to the ants will kill them. So, using a sprayer is a technical matter.

There are liquid killers, those are highly effective. As you will see, these liquids will attract ants and will kill them. They are like drops and you can apply it to any surface, where the ants will come and die. These are quite reasonable to use in any kitchen.

So, you can apply it in the kitchen without any extra hassle and tension. We can use any kind of killer medicine but should follow the process. Being cautious is the best policy here. We will discuss different products today, but you are the person who can choose the right one for your home.

We will have a detailed discussion today, and we will shortlist some products too. It is better to decide which one is better for your home.  The process of applying will also help you to control your application and benefits. We will also discuss the detailed selection process and features here. Continue with us and get the knowledge as you can use it while buying.

7 Best Sugar Ant Killer Reviews 2021

1. TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer

TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer

When you are looking for the best ant killer, Terro is for sure one of the best in quality. It manages to kill all kinds of ants. It is a prefilled ant killer with Bait stations. These bait statins are patented as they do not dry at all. This is one of the perfect weapons to kill as the best poison for sugar ants that you will love to use.

These sugar ant baits attract ants fast and these are made of borax. Borax is the perfect medicine to kill ants and as the killer solution is a liquid one, there are no issues of floating and mixing with food through air. It can kill hundreds of ants in a limited time, you have to just place them where they are numerous.

There are 6 baits in each package, which you can use wisely and kill a lot of ants at a time. This one is found to be the most favorite ant killer solution of this time. Use this one to be hassle free and tension free. This is one of the perfect matches for ants.


  • Kills all types of ants
  • Pre filled baits
  • Attracts ants fast
  • Sufficient supply for more ants


  • Be careful to use it in the kitchen and stay away from food.

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2. Raid Max Double Control Ant Baits

Raid Max Double Control Ant Baits

This is an awesome technology that kills a lot of ants in a short time. This is basically a type of technology that kills ants differently. Generally, ants get a solution from the best ant bait for sugar ants and return to their colony with the solution on their body and attract more ants. In this way a lot of ants die.

These baits can work very effectively and they can kill ants in a day. Generally, you can also keep these baits anywhere to stay away from ants. You can leave baits to the kitchen, basements, bathrooms, and many other places that will work effectively on ants.

These solutions are child-resistant and it will not harm your kids. You can use it hasslefree and can get no tension at all. You can place it anywhere and get away from ants. We will suggest that you use it and stay away from ants for a safe period.


  • Two types of killer
  • Baits are easy to place
  • Can place anywhere
  • Child resistant killer


  • Keep your domestic pets away from it.

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3. Amdro 100099216 Ant Block Granule

Amdro 100099216 Ant Block Granule

This is another amazing ant killer solution that comes in Granule form. It has an excellent killing formula that will keep you tension free. The baits are made with pre-planning to kill the queen ant and the colony in the shortest time. You will find that it kills around 25 types of ants and insects actively.

If you use this in your house, you will find that it will give you 3 months of protection around the house. Actually, it creates a barrier around your house to keep you safe from insects. You have to just shake the baits around the house. But will you love it? Yes, it is another excellent type of medicine that will keep your home safe.

But how will you maintain it? You will have to use this granular medicine around the house as it will attract the ants and will kill them instantly. You will not have to worry about insects at all too. So, you choose this killer medicine and just use it to get free from all kinds of insects, especially ants.


  • Long time protection
  • Kills ants effectively
  • Effective on 25 types of insects’
  • Kills the queen


  • Please keep your pets away from the medicine to be safe.

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4. Hot Shot 2048 HG-2048 Insect Killer

Hot Shot 2048 HG-2048 Insect Killer

How amazing a killer medicine could be, as it kills hidden ants too. When you apply it, from the next hour it starts to kill. You will see that ants in open and hidden places are dying. It also kills the queen and the full colony too. You will be thrilled to know that it will work upto 6 months indoors.

Are you worried about the kids? They will not get harmed with the medicine. They will be applied in bait stations that are completely safe for the kids. You can just put these bait stations near walls, in the kitchen, cabinets, under the refrigerator and siks, and many other places. You will just get the results.

You will love the full process of using this medicine. It will keep you away from ants and other insects. You will just use them in baits, it will kill the queen and the whole colony with its effects. The kids are also safe from the medicine due to baits. So, we should be careful about the usage here.


  • Starts kill immediately
  • Safe for kids
  • Kills the queen and colony
  • Baits for safety


  • Keep the bats away from your pets.

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5. Syngenta – TRTD11568 – Optigard Ant Bait Gel Box

Syngenta TRTD11568 Optigard Ant Bait Gel Box

You will find this amazing product in your nearby store. It targets the indoor and outdoor insects and kills all kinds of ants and pests. But it has some limitations too, it cannot kill fire, pharaoh, and harvester ants. So, you have to choose which type of ants you are targeting to kill. Sugar ants are dangerous for our kitchen and living room and they need treatment.

Can you imagine yourself attacked by ants in your house? This will not be expected at all. You will not be able to kill those ants then, so you have to be cautious then. This formula is very effective, scattering with the ants and reaching the colony to destroy it effectively. It will also kill the queens as well. The main ingredient of this formula is Thiamethoxam, which has an excellent impact on ants.

The gel baits work very effectively, as the ants return to their colony they carry the gel with them and the whole colony is done. You will fall in love with this formula as you can personally use it and can tell others to use it. This is one of the perfect formulas to kill sugar ants.


  • Target pests
  • Highly effective
  • Kills colony
  • Transferrable baits


  • Please keep children and pets away from the formula.

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6. Combat Max Ant Killing Bait Stations, Indoor and Outdoor

Combat Max Ant Killing Bait Stations

This is another kind of gel that works directly on ants. It will affect the ants and they will carry the gel to their colony where others will be affected. In this way, the colony and the week will be affected. It kills ants very quickly and the power of the gel is very effective in the long run.

You will be amazed to know that there is no vapor or fumes coming from the gel. In the kit you will get 6 bait stations. You can place them anywhere required in the house and then wait for the results. It will kill both indoor and outdoor ants and keep your house safe. You can suggest it to others too to enjoy the results.

Mostly these formulas work in the same process. You will find that ants are getting affected and then the colony is affected, this is a good policy. As you will find, if this process is not followed then the colony will affect our house, it will send ants continuously to our houses. So, we should be choosy to select the right type of formula to kill ants.


  • Highly effective
  • Kills colony and queen
  • Long lasting effect
  • Large supply


  • Keep your pets away from these medicines to stay healthy.

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7. HARRIS New Ant Spray, Plant Oil Based Quick Ant Killer

HARRIS New Ant Spray Plant Oil Based Quick Ant Killer

How will you meet the sugar ants in your house? Here is an oil based formula that will meet all the killing criteria for ants. This is an eco-friendly product that comes from natural plant oils. You can use this one around children and pets too. That is not too harmful for kids either.

Within 30 minutes you will find that it started killing ants, you will find loaded dead bodies around! Another exciting thing is that it does not cause any stains. You will find more information on the instruction and direction tags. You can use it both for indoor and outdoor use. It will work well and you can manage it well too.

It will come with a pleasant smell, when you use it around. It will manage to kill all indoor and outdoor ants. You will feel safe in your house even if you do not need to think about any kind of ants that will spoil your kitchen. You can personally use it and can refer to others to use this solution.


  • Eco Friendly
  • Quick Kill
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Non staining


  • Nothing mentionable here.

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How Does Sugar Ant Killer Work

There are different types of solutions and formulas. They work differently, as you will find that the liquid one needs baits to work on ants. You can apply the baits, those will affect the ants and the ants will reach the colony. The solution will kill the whole colony here. You will be able to kill even the queen and others too. This solution is the most effective one here. You will come with this formula to use in your house.

There are powder and granular forms of formula. You can use them in indoor and outdoor situations. You can scatter on the ants and the ways they use them. Here you have to be careful that the powder or the granular formula does not go with the foods or harm your pets. These are a little bit risky as they can float in the air. So, be more careful and cautious when using any kind of formula at home.

There are sprayers that you can use on ants. You can use it on the lines of ants, it will kill them instantly. But the issue is critical, these sprayers do not have long lasting effects. You cannot spray it somewhere and wait for the ants to die. You have to use it instantly, so the solution is not long-lasting or any kind of planning. So, you can use it in some cases, where you can apply it on ants and die immediately.

There are also spraying oils, those have little fragrance too. You can apply this to indoor and outdoor use. So, there are many options. You can use any kind of formula but you have to know on which purpose and on which scenario you are using it. So, it will be helpful for you. You can pick your chosen formula and use it at your house.

How To Use Sugar Ant Killer

There are different types of ant killers, you will use them based on their type and category. So, you have to be practical on using the killers. We will discuss the use of different types of killers formula. You can learn from here and can use the knowledge in future.

There are sprayers, those you can use on alive ants and other pests. But the problem is these are not usable on any surface and will benefit in the future. This is an immediate killer for ants and pests. So, you can keep a sprayer at home and kill ants instantly when they are seen in your home. Be careful spraying on food or other food utensils. These sprays may pollute your food and can make you sick.

There are powder and granular forms of medicines to kill ants. They can be applied in any place to kill ants indoor and outdoor. They will be affected by these formulas and get killed. Also, these formulas can kill the colony too. We have to be careful about using these formulas in the kitchen or near food as they can float on air and affect our food. It may cause vomiting, dizziness and loose motion. So, it may become dangerous for our kids and pets.

Be very careful while using powder and granular from of ant killers.  There are liquid forms of medicine which are used on baits, where generally kids and pets cannot reach. These baits are very effective in the long run. They can keep your house safe from 3 months to 6 months. Generally, these liquid baits work differently. They affect the ants and they go to their colony and scatter the formula everywhere. So, all the ants in the colony die.

Using liquid baits is much safer, they are safe for pets and kids, those you can place in any corner of your house. You will fall in love with these when you see that they do not have any side effects. You will have to check what is the direction written on the tags, then use them in your kitchen or living room. Ants are irritating, they can spoil your food and can make you sick. So, using the right type of formula will keep you safe.

So, you have to be choosy to select the proper type of formula here. Then you can get the right product. You have to check the products around you, you can check the using method, then check the tags about the side effects. In this way, you can be sure about these formulas.

As we have discussed a lot about the use of these products. You can now easily choose your product, you now know the better side and the side effects of them. You know which formula is better for your home, you should also keep your kids and pets safe too. So, be more careful and then choose the right one.

Here now you have the independence to select the right product. You will face different types of experiences with different products. So, check the features and know the details from the above discussion, and then make the proper decision.

Some Important Faq

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants?

You can apply killer spray on the ants directly to kill them instantly. On the other hand, the liquid killer baits are more effective on ants, we can use them in our kitchen too. These killers will affect the ants and will destroy the colony too. These are the best solutions here.

What Is The Best Sugar Ant Killer?

Generally, The liquid killers are the best solution. But TERRO is the best in consideration of quality and the user review. Here you will find that these killers are able to kill general ants and even their queen and colony too. So, we should move on with the liquid killers that will keep our home safe and be polite to our kids and pets too.

Final Summary

We have discussed in detail about the best sugar ant killer from where you can select the best one now. You can even buy from our shortlisted products, or can check the store physically to check out the feedback. You will be able to enjoy killing ants when you are in trouble.

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