How To Use Terro Ant Killer

how to use Terro ant killer

What Is A Terro Ant Killer?

Ants roaming around the home is very annoying. Sometimes it goes out of control. Everywhere from the kitchen sink to the bathroom ants make their nests. To get rid of annoyed ants, a smart solution comes to the market. It is the Terro ant killer. As its name implies the Terro ant killer is a liquid form of ant bait that is extremely dangerous to household ants.

The liquid Terro ant killer ingredients include 5.40% Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (Borax) that works as a toxin to ants and kills ants entirely. The liquid Terro contains gooey substances along with boric acid. Ants are attracted to sweet foods and come across the bait easily. The liquid bait allows the forager ants to survive long and carry the toxin to the other ants. Thus, the entire colony vanishes at once. It generally takes two weeks to completely control the ants. You’ll find liquid Terro ant killer on Amazon at a reasonable price.

How Does Liquid Terro Ant Killer Work?

Ants are lured to sweet substances. Ants used to haunt here and there in search of food and water. When worker ants discover any source of food, they leave a pheromone route for the rest of the colony. Other ants follow the track and reach out to the food supply.

The liquid Terro outdoor ant killer is made of boric acid or borax. It is a slow-acting toxin that is greatly effective on ants. The poison works slowly to kill the entire colony of ants at once. It enters the ants’ digestive system and kills them inside. As it works slowly, the forager ants get enough time to share the toxin with the entire colony. Therefore, the whole colony of ants inside or outside the home vanishes once.

Where To Spot Liquid Terro Ant Killer?

First, find out the entry point of the ants. Observe from where they are entering your home. The best place to apply liquid Terro ant killer is the ants’ entry point. After locating their entrance, apply the bait around there. Usually, ants are found numerous in kitchen sinks, bathtubs, windowsills, food closets, grounds, baseboards, and each corner of the room.

One more thing to remember: ants become more active during the morning and late afternoon. So, you should attempt killing ants by this time for an effective result. The more traps you place, the better result you will get. When you see the ants feeding actively, avoid distributing the ant killer.

How To Use Liquid Terro Ant Killer?

Terro liquid ant killer, a slow-acting poison helps to vanish the entire colony of pests. It is easy to apply. If you want to control the ants entering your home, the liquid ant killer can be an effective solution for you.

If you want to know how to use Terro ant killer, this article is for you surely. It is effortless to do. But often tricky to apply. When you decide to apply Terro killer, remember to wipe out other food sources for ants. Remove other food supply grains, sugar, or grease. It may attract ants and lead to failing your mission. So, wipe out other routes of food supply.

Keep in mind- avoid placing tiles of Terro killers where you have already drizzled other remedies. Ants remain conscious about it. They won’t get trapped in the same place anymore. Hence, ants avoiding Terro bait can go out of control.

So, if you prefer to know the techniques on how to use liquid Terro ant killer, come on with us. We have researched many Terro ant killer reviews for helping you. I am going to discuss how you can use the ant killer properly. If you follow the instructions, the ants won’t come back again I guarantee.

  • First, cut off the product liquid Terro ant killer from the package along the porous lines. Then place the liquid ant killer in cardboard tiles. Pour a few drops of liquid from the bottle into the cardboard tiles. You may also use small pieces of paper, paper towels, or foil paper do this purpose.
  • Now, spot the bait killer around the entry point of ants or the flat surface near the targeted insects. You may use extra tiles anywhere you detect their entry point. You have to find the places that are heavily invaded by ants. Set up the tiles properly.
  • You need to look after the placements every day. Avoid interfering with the trap. If the bait gets dry, you may add additional liquids. Don’t let the bait dry. You can place more tiles and ensure more food supply for the ants. For ultimate control, the ant killer indoor takes two weeks or more. But the time often depends on the number of the ant raid.

Terro ant killers are effortless to use and apply. But you should careful before applying. The killers include borax that is also harmful to humans and pets. It can cause various health effects. Be sure to keep the poisons away from children and pets. Here, we’ve talked about 3 ways to use the product properly. You can follow the techniques for ultimate control.

Where To Find The Liquid Terro Ant Killer?

It’s a common question where to find Terro ant killer at a reasonable price. You will find 1 pack of TERRO Liquid Ant Killer ll T200 on Amazon at a cheap rate. It is made of active ingredients- Pyrethrins. The product is easy to use. The scent of the poison is deadly to ants. The sticky substances included in the pack helps to attract the ants and carry the dose to the rest of the colony. Buy it from Amazon if you want.


If you want to know the use of Terro ant killer, look no further and continue reading this article. Here, you’ll get to know the facts about Terro ant killer and how to use the liquid Terro ant killer effortlessly. Hopefully, you will like it.

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