Best Red Ant Killer

Best Red Ant Killer

Ants have become a big part of human civilization. You will find them all over the world. Especially in the United States, you will see ants everywhere, including houses, gardens, lawns, landscapes, or even behind construction areas.

But the first question is,

Whether ants are good or bad for us? The answer is both good and bad. There are many varieties of ants, including carpenter ants, Pharaoh, Argentine,  Ghost, Woodworker, Odorous, red ants, etc. Some of them don’t sting people, but some are so aggressive that they cannot wait until they sting.

Some of the variants are a little toxic, and their bite is so painful to describe. In addition, many people’s physiology cannot adapt to it and reply with different allergic reactions. Sometimes it causes nausea, vomiting, irritation, severe pain, and inflammation.

On the other hand, most of the ants don’t sting people and are good for our environments. But Ants are first growing pests and can quickly multiply, filling out your property.

If you feel that you have a problem with ants, especially with fire ants, you should take some necessary steps to wipe them out to ensure your family and your pet’s safety.

However, In this article, I have gathered the 7 best red ant killer insecticides so that you can choose the suitable one for you. Additionally, I will describe several homemade red ant killer recipes and some useful tips that might help you with any ant issue.

So without further ado, let’s get started-

The Top Choices at a Glance:

Here I have listed the top 7 best red ant killer insecticides in different types of industries with different features & It will help you to get the best red/fire ant killer for pests control.

  1. Ortho Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules
  2. AMDRO Fire Ant Bait Granules
  3. TERRO 3 lb Ant Killer Plus – Also Kills Fleas
  4. Spectracide 96472 HG-96472 Insect Killer
  5. Spectracide Fire Ant Killer
  6. Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer
  7. Spectracide One Shot Fire Ant Killer

What Is The Red Ant Killer?

There are a lot of variants of ants available, but red ants are one of the most toxic and dangerous of them. Therefore, you would like to get rid of them at any cost. You can do many ways, such as using traps, natural red ant killers, or even chemicals ant killers. Ant killers are typically nothing but some toxic elements that can malfunction ant’s nervous systems and finally kill them.

Red ant killer insecticides are specially manufactured to deal with red and even with fire ants. Red ants and fire ants have special system colonies. They build large mounds for their livelihood. For this, we need powerful, efficient, and specialized ant killers.

Types Of Red/fire Ant Killers

As there are many varieties of ants and their lifestyle, we also need different types of ant killers to deal with them efficiently. Ant killer types depend on several factors, including ants’ variety, mound size, how much area it has covered, the environment of the location, and the place where they have made their nest.

There are ant killers that are best for outdoor usage, and they are not suitable for indoor or household usage. So for this problem, we have ant killers that are best for indoor usage.

Ant killer comes with different types of toxic compounds also. However, not all ant killers are equally effective. Some of them take a longer time, while some of them work instantly. Some of them can work in just one-time usage, while some of them work in one shot.

If you are going to purchase a red ant killer, then you should first determine which type of ant killer is best for your workplace. Otherwise, you might have ended up wasting money.

How to Choose The Best Red Ant Killer

In this article, I have already recommended the red ant killer. These ant killers are efficient for the Pharaoh, Argentine, Ghost, Red velvet cow killer ant, Woodworker, Odorous, and also Sidewalk type ants. Ants usually go for sugar/carbohydrate or protein feeding cycles.

According to the ant swarm’s nutritional requirements, these ants will certainly be drawn into one or the various other sorts. The majority of these ants are broad-spectrum ants (these ants help numerous ants ), yet some ants have exemptions on specific kinds of ants. Please review the item summaries or give us a message. We have sets that integrate wonderful baits with protein baits for better financial savings.

When unsure of which one to select, choose one from each classification. Additionally, lug baits that feed both cycles (the ant killer in this group are not as reliable as the defined solitary wonderful or protein appeal kind baits).

Do not utilize a recurring repellent sort of spray near ants to avoid contamination. However, making use of a non-repellent recurring spray like Aerosol would certainly be great.

We additionally have various other sorts of ant, some durable yet slow-acting as well as some faster-acting bait, yet with the much shorter recurring task.

If you have a large area to deal with, you should go with a commercial chemical ant killer. On the other hand, if you are dealing with relatively smaller areas, you can go to chemical and natural ant killers. This difference is because commercial and chemical ant killers are more efficient and cheaper, while organic red ant killers are eco-friendly and harmless for animals.

7 Best Red Ant Killer Reviews In 2021

1. Ortho Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules

Ortho Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules

Ortho Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules is a broadcast-type ant killer from a famous manufacturer named Ortho. It can kill all the fire ants, including the queen, and prevent mound formation for up to 6 months. Its efficiency, effectiveness, and popularity have made it the best ortho red ant killer among landscapers.

It contains 0.20% Bifenthrin and 99.80% other ingredients that include a minimum of 97% Cis isomers and a maximum of 3% trans-isomers. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, Bifenthrin is a pyrethroid insecticide that is massively used in agricultural and urban pesticides.

As you know, Bifrenthin is a very powerful insect killer that is used to kill red ants most of the time. However, it can also kill aphids, gnats, worms, moths, earwigs, grasshoppers, beetles, mites, spiders, ticks, yellow jackets, thrips, flies, caterpillars, fleas, spotted lanternflies, termites, and all other types of ants.

This super active fire ant killer can kill fire ants within 15 minutes so that you can enjoy your lawn without any ostentation. It can also treat those ants that are coming from your neighboring areas.

It works in a two-step method that maximizes the chance that your lawn remains ants-free for up to 6 months. First of all, it kills existing mounds and their queen and then prevents new mounds from growing. Thus you get the best result making a minimal effort.

For broadcast treatment,

apply consistently over your field utilizing the recommended spreader setting provided on the product label. It will be best to water the lawn after applying because it can wash granules from the lawn foliage. One more thing to remember, if your lawn is not moist enough before applying this insecticide, then irrigate it first and apply thoroughly.

For mound treatment,

apply 0.5 cups of Ortho Fire Ant Killer over each mound and 3 feet of its diameter. After applying the insecticide, wet the mound with 2 or 3 gallons of water.


  1. Prevent new ant mounds formation for up to six months.
  2. It kills existing mounds within 15 minutes after applying.
  3. Destroy mounds as well as the fly-in queens.
  4. Proper application can treat up to 5000 square feet of area.
  5. Works excellent in spring and late.


  1. Its ingredients, Bifrenthin, can be bad for pets and birds. So take a look at this.

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2. AMDRO Fire Ant Bait Granules

AMDRO Fire Ant Bait Granules

If you have lawns, you have been through insect invasion as well as in houses. Insects cause us to lose many kinds of stuff, from food to important documents. But they are not easily destroyed. You can use insecticide to control them. But not all insecticides are good for you and your surroundings. The famous company SPECTRACIDE, one of the top herbicide and pesticide producing companies, has brought before you Spectracide Insect Killer pesticide, enough to control pests disturbing you a lot.

The pesticide contains 0.05% of Gamma-Cyhalothrin (also known as XDE 225) and 99.99% of other active ingredients. An article published on Wikipedia says that, The Gamma-Cyhalothrin is a broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide approved by the EU to use in European countries.

This Spectracide InsectKiller is capable of taking down insects from lawn to house. It is capable of destroying grasshoppers, June beetles, Japanese beetles, earwigs, silverfishes, pillbugs, sowbugs, crickets, leafhoppers, millipedes, spittlebugs, as well as all species of ants (except carpenter and pharaoh).

The product is special because the Gamma-Cyhalothrin is capable of killing in minutes. Besides, the Gamma-Cyhalothrin does not so much harm to the environment compared to the other pesticides, which implies that you can easily choose this product.

For house application: apply at a rate of 0.8 lb of Spectracide for each 1000 sq ft. distribute the granules uniformly and water lightly immediately after application. You had better use as directed in the rate chart for best results.

For Lawn application: apply using a spreader at the rate of 0.8lb per 1000 sq ft. for up to 3 months control over ants, use at the rate of 2lb per 1000sq ft. apply when the grass is dry and water immediately after application.


  1. The product is highly toxic to aquatic animals. Do not allow this product to mix with the water ecosystem.
  2. Do not allow the product to run off within 24 hours.
  3. Do not use more than six times a year at the same location at the low use rate.
  4. Do not use more than three times a year at the same location at the high use rate.
  5. Do not use it during rain.
  6. Always make sure to water after application.


  1. Destroys mound and prevent mound formation
  2. It kills the ant queen and colony fast
  3. Up to 3 months control over red ants
  4. Kills other homestead and lawn pests listed above
  5. Do not leach out that much


  1. Highly toxic and dangerous for animals.

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3. TERRO 3 lb Ant Killer Plus – Also Kills Fleas

TERRO 3 lb Ant Killer Plus

Terro’s Ant Killer Plus is an insecticide with a special granular formula that eliminates even more than simply ants. This highly poisonous insect controller is manufactured to wipe out ants as well as get rid of fleas, cockroaches, and various other unnecessary pests.

The granules are weather-resistant, and in fact, after rain, they can stay active. In addition, they use on-contact killing while supplying durable recurring control, freeing you of your big trouble as well as maintaining it in this way long-term.

These granules are suggested for exterior usage just, yet their distinctively manufactured shaker bag enables simple dispersing. There is no requirement for you to touch the granules directly or buy a spreader. Easy spreading out makes this item great for border control in addition to instant kills.

This fire ant killer is made of 0.04% lambda-cyhalothrin with 99.96% other necessary elements. If you don’t know what lambda-cyhalothrin is, then I can give some ideas as well. Lambda-cyhalothrin is widely used to kill Lepidoptera’s Larvae in the crop field and very much popular among farmers. Furthermore, as it is a very powerful insect killer, it is widely used in pest and insect control.


  1. Granules consist of a reliable and powerful poisonous substance that wipes out much more bugs than simply house ants.
  2. Get in touch with these granules, and it kills instantly, offering a quick fix to insect problems.
  3. Great for making use of boundary defense, providing you durable outcomes.
  4. Easy-to-spread bag style that is convenient for any type of customer.
  5. Granules are weather condition immune and also can continue to be efficient after the rainfall.


  1. Terro does not suggest this item for interior usage.
  2. Not as fast-acting as various other items.
  3. It requires a bit more action to utilize than the other items.
  4. It is available in 2 and 3 pounds bags.
  5. Weather-resistant.
  6. User-friendly shaker bag.

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4. Spectracide 96472 HG-96472 Insect Killer

Spectracide 96472 HG-96472 Insect Killer

Here is one of the best fire ant killers from the famous manufacturer Specter. It is one of the most popular insecticides among landscapers to destroy mounds and to kill the queen ants along with the whole colony of fire ants. In addition, this fire ant killer can prevent new mounds from growing for up to 3 months.

The included element for this 10-pound pack of granules is 0.01% of Lambda-cyhalothrin and 99.99% others. The bag will certainly cover around 5,000 square feet, concerning the overall size of a typical lawn, making it well fit for the majority of homeowners.

Given that Lambda-cyhalothrin is a broad-spectrum pesticide, it’s not just a fire ant killer however additionally reliable versus a wide variety of various other pests as well. The item tag discusses armyworms, billbugs, chinch pests, cutworms, fleas, earwigs, crickets, and many others.

Just like some other eco-friendly granular insecticide, it’s risk-free for your pet dogs yet does not prosper in a damp climate. It does not last as long as the various other fire ant killers on our checklist.

First, to use on your field, determine the area of your field and then take ant killer granules as per the manufacturer guide. After that, set up your sprayer with the proper setting you want. Lastly, spray consistently through the whole area you want to treat. It would be best if you watered the area soft to get the best result. It will take some time to get rid of all the ants from the field. After that, you are totally ant-free for the next three months.


  1. It’s very easy to apply
  2. It wipes out a variety of insect pests
  3. It’s secure for your family pets


  1. The active element does not last lengthy
  2. It can not be applied in damp climate condition
  3. The bag just covers 5,000 square feet

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5. Spectracide Fire Ant Killer

Spectracide Fire Ant Killer

We have got another super-quick fire ant killer manufactured by Spectracide. This Spectracide fire ant killer functions immediately to kill the fire ant swarm and also exterminate the queen. The granules are prepared to apply, and also they can conveniently be used over as well as around the Mound.

The granules are designed to operate deep right into the soil and start to operate in mins. This quits the swarm in its tracks, and afterward, it restricts the development of any kind of brand-new mounds.

This formula is simple to use. Just spray across the Mound and the location around the Mound by 3 feet diameter and delicately water the location to get it wet. It is ideal to use this in the early morning or night, as this is when the fire ants are highly energetic.

This item is harmless for people and also for a lot of family pets. However, just after it has actually dried out, ensure to keep an eye on the location until the granules have actually come to be completely dry. It’s harmful to fish and also various other water pets.

Spectracide is offered in 2 varied scales, and also it is budget-friendly as well as well-reviewed.


  1. Works very Quickly
  2. Best to kill the queen ants
  3. Prevent Mound from further growing for up to 3 months.
  4. Harmless for human and pet animals.
  5. It can cover up to 5000 feet at a cheap cost.
  6. Kills the entire colony in one application.
  7. Kills many other varieties of insects as well.

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6. Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer

Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer

This formula is powerful enough to be applied even against the most dangerous of fire ants, ants. Fire ants have the most dangerous bite. If bitten, many individuals can recur by forming nausea or vomiting, sweating, and also the response can also cause fatality.

It consists of an active element named Acephate. This element is located in a wide range of industrial insect control items of the brand name. Acephate assists in exterminating ants by disturbing the electrochemical procedures of the ant. This causes miscommunication in between the nerves as well as the muscle mass. This causes an accumulation in the ant’s body of acetylcholine when this occurs. The build-up causes overstimulation and, afterward, fatality.

This chemical is utilized to exterminate a selection of mounds. The makers specify that it suffices to exterminate 162 mounds. It will certainly eliminate the ants and the queen in charge of maintaining the swarm going. You will certainly eliminate the resource of any kind of brand-new ants and also the opportunity of the swarm boosting in dimension when you eliminate her off.

It can likewise be utilized outside. Merely open up the top and then spray the item right into the mounds. A little can goes a long way towards the bottom, and also, you just require to spray one tbsps well worth of item right into each install to obtain the eliminating activity. The item will certainly begin functioning, as well as the ants will certainly begin to pass away in some hrs.

For the very best outcomes and to ensure that you obtain all the ants at the same time, you need to utilize this item when ants are active. Since the item requires contact with the ants for it to function, this is. Utilizing this option is a simple and also fast procedure. You do not require to make use of any kind of water or various other enhancements for the item to do its task efficiently.

It performs most effectively completely dry, does not use in damp locations or prior to the rainfall. Just secure it up with the integrated seal opener as well as utilize it the following time when you’re done with it.

Another point you ought to take care of is, This product is harmful. If it comes into contact with your eye, it can trigger severe eye inflammation as well as damages. You are required to look for clinical focus rapidly if consumed. Do not eat, smoke, or consume when utilizing it. Clean your hands completely after usage when you are done with the item. Do not allow various other individuals or family pets to obtain right into it.


  1. Act very first.
  2. Can kill the queen efficiently.
  3. Best For outdoor usage.
  4. Easy to use.


  1. Not appropriate for indoor usage.

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7. Spectracide One Shot Fire Ant Killer

Spectracide One Shot Fire Ant Killer

The Spectracide HG-96849 One Shot Fire Ant Killer is designed to exterminate all kinds of nests. It is not choosy whether you’re eliminating carpenter ants, fire ants, or any other types. And also, to reduce to the chase regarding why it’s so efficient, this economic and swarm destroyer eliminates all the ants with which get in touch with it along with the queen obviously. The murder begins simple mins after the first application.

This fire ant killer consists of 0.016% of Indoxacarb and 99.984% other elements. According to ScienceDirect, Indoxacarb is an oxadiazine pesticide formed by DuPont that acts against lepidopteran larvae. That means it is deadly and can be used in killing a wide variety of pests and insects, including all types of and fire ants.

Most effective usage is throughout the morning or at night when most ants are gathered within their swarm. The granules of this ant killer can pass through deep down into much bigger nest facilities. This Super-Efficient Fire ant killer not only kills the ant and destroys mounds but also prevents new mound-forming for up to 3 months.

While not ideal for usage in your house or for developing a barrier outside the home, you can considerably decrease all kinds of infestation issues.

This insecticide is recommended to use in outdoor fire ant mounds and other ant nests. You can choose any usage method, but broadcasting is best for general ant control, excluding carpenter ants and pharaoh ants.


  1. Prevent new mound formation for up to 3 months.
  2. Convenient shake bottle.
  3. Cover up to 3000 square feet area.
  4. Easy to use.


  1. Not ideal for indoor usage.

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How Does A Red Ant Killer Work?

If you wonder how to kill red ants with ant killer, then here is the explanation:

As ants seek food, they are attracted to the attractive Chemical or natural ant killer that is generally called Ant Baits. So they take in the bait and go back to the swarm to show the other ants.

While the active component in the bait will inevitably kill the worker ant, it functions gradually in order to allow some time for foraging other ants to make new journeys to the bait and supply it back to the remainder of the swarm. Hence, within a couple of days, you will see a much bigger team of ants is going to the bait.

The ant bait station must continue to be as uninterrupted as feasible while the ants are proactively feeding upon it. Due to the fact that this is a bait item, it is very important to get rid of various other food in the location to make certain the ants aren’t lured to consume anything yet the (fatal) fluid ant bait.

How To Use Red/fire Ant Killer?

Identify the Complication

Killing ants or ant baiting begins with discovering the source. First, check the location where the ants are very first seen. Typical interior placements of ants are the kitchen area, utility room, restroom, as well as outside location: grass, yard, building wall surfaces, landscapes, and also websites.

These often tend to provide straight to what the ants seek– heat, food, and also dampness. The search is on when ants are discovered! Rather than eliminating the ants, follow them. Given that foraging ants are generally sent out from a swarm situated outside your home looking for dampness as well as food to restore, complying with ants is a great way to discover exactly how they are going into your home.

Feed Ants killer or Ant Bait

Since they can not deliver as well as absorb food in strong type, ants favor fluid food over solid, strong food. Solid foods need to be brought back to the nest for added handling by the larvae. Fluid baiting ventures this one-of-a-kind physiology by removing the requirement for ants to refine the bait prior to sharing it with the remainder of the nest as well as the queen.

Placement is Key

Positioning is essential when it comes to exactly how to bait ants in residence circumstances. It’s vital to put the bait near locations where ants have actually been observed. Utilizing ant bait stations eliminates bait drying and offers the ants a continual supply of fluid night and day.

Persistence Pays Off

Smaller-sized ant problems can normally be regulated within 1-2 days. However, where there are several or really big nests in the complication location, it can take up to 7 days to finish control. As soon as a decline in ant task is discovered, eliminate the bait stations 2 to 5 days later, as long as no other ant task is observed.

Stay Away From Contact Killers While Baiting

An additional trick to effectively utilizing ant baits and appropriate bait positioning is ensuring the ants locate the bait, consume it, and take it back to the colony to feed to the remainder of the swarm and queen. The foraging ants might pass away prior to getting to the major nest if a get in touch with ant killer is used while baiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to Kill the Queen Ant?

You’ll require to determine it initially of all if you desire to eliminate the queen ant specifically. Normally-.

  • It’s greater than the laborers.
  • It has wings.

When you locate the ant’s nest, attempt to detect their queen. If it is not outdoors, interrupt the mound somehow, and it’ll appear ultimately.

Afterward, eliminate it. This is, however, a waste of time. Better placed an ant bait surrounding the nest, as well as the queen will certainly leave this life for certain.

Does Diatomaceous Earth Eliminate Fire Ants?

The diatomaceous planet is verified to be extremely efficient at eliminating ants. So if you’re looking for an option to chemical pesticides, the ideal method to eliminate fire ants is certainly with this pesticide.

It can be either sprayed or combined with water as well as splashed around the mounds, ant routes, anywhere where the ants are energetic.

The fire ants require to find right into straight contact with the item for it to be reliable, so place a light layer over the influenced locations. The diatomaceous planet will certainly continue to be efficient as long as it’s completely dry.

How Much Time to Wait After Applying Ant Killer?

Although the ant killer sprays do not leave chemicals after splashing, you ought to adhere to these actions after treating your house, so you really feel comfy as well as stay clear of unintentional repercussions:

  • Get the kids as well as pet dogs outside your house while you’re doing the treatment.
  • Then, await the spray to dry completely. Drying out time relies on the weather condition. It typically takes around 25-30 mins.
  • Open up the home windows to air it out.
  • Attempt not to wipe as well as clean up the flooring that regularly in the splashed locations. Rather, do it prior to the treatment.

You will certainly see pests appearing in their sanctuaries as well as pass away after the treatment. Make sure to do away with them as you discover them.

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