20v Vs 40v String Trimmer

String trimmers are a great hand tool for trimming grasses, weeds, or small bushes around your home or yard. It comes with different variations, categories, and options. 20v string trimmer and 40V string trimmer are two of the categories. 

People often get confused about which one they should buy. Because everyone has a different purpose and reasons, that is the most important factor affecting the selection process.

This article will clear the 20v and 40v terms, mention their differences, features, and finally, my opinion on which device you should purchase. So without further ado, let’s get started-

Difference Between A 20v And A 40v Trimmer

In order to differentiate between a 20v and a 40v trimmer, I am going to analyze some basic terms and topics.

People often ask me whether the 40v trimmer is more powerful than the 20v one. Basically, the answer is tough to answer, hearing just the voltage of the battery.

The power output of a battery depends on two terms. They are the voltage and the electric current flow in the ampere. The formula is P=V*I. That means power is the result of the multiplication of voltage and current flow.

Suppose you have two trimmers– one is the 20v version, and the other is the 40v version. If they both runs in the same current flow, that is 5A, then the power of the 20v version will be 20*5=100w, and the power output of the 40v version will be 40*5=200w. So the 40v version trimmer is more powerful than the 20v version one.

In another situation, suppose you have both 20v and 40v versions. But in this case, 40v one runs in 2.5A, where 20v one runs in 5A. The power output of the 40v one will be 40*2.5=100w, and the power output of the 20v version will be 20*5=100w. So you can see that both trimmers are equally powerful. 

More power refers to more torque and more cutting speed. But more voltage doesn’t mean the same. Voltage is written with a “v” symbol like 20v or 40v, while power is written with “HP” (horsepower) or in a “W”(watt) symbol like 1000w or 200w. So, whenever you are going to purchase an electrical product, look at the power mark. 

But one thing should be noted that there are some advantages of a higher voltage battery than the lower one. For example, if you have a 40v and a 20v battery with the same power output, the oven has more advantages over a 40v battery than the 20v one. 

That happens because the current flow through the wire differs. In this situation, in the 40v trimmer, the amount of current is less than the current in the 20v trimmer. Again, there is a law regarding the relation between heat produced due to the wire resistance and current, which is the amount of heat H=I^2R.

So you can clearly see that if there is less current flowing, then less heat will produce. So the 40v trimmer will produce less heat, and where the 20v trimmer will produce more heat. 

In brief, the 40v trimmer is more efficient than the 20v trimmer.

Check Out Top Three 20v String Trimmers

  1. BLACK+DECKER 20V Max String Trimmer
  2. WORX WG163 PowerShare 20V Cordless String Trimmer
  3. DEWALT DCST925B String Trimmer, Yellow/Black

20v String Trimmer Features

20V String Trimmer

20v trimmers are widely used and popular entry-level trimmers that can meet all the necessities of a small to medium-sized trimming zone with grasses, weeds, and small bushes. It comes with a 20v battery option but with several current outputs. The more the current output, the more power the trimmer has. 

Most of the 20v trimmers are cheaper than 40v ones because the 20v string trimmer build is lightweight compared to the 40v trimmer. The general tradition is that the more voltage a machine has usually come with more power capacity. So if you have a small area to deal with, then you can undoubtedly go for the 20v string.

In brief, a 20v trimmer is cheaper, lightweight, and easier to handle.

Check Out Top Three 40v String Trimmers

  1. Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless String Trimmer
  2. BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer
  3. RYOBI 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

40v String Trimmer Features

40V String Trimmer

The powerful 40v trimmer is very popular among professional persons who have a large area of trimming work to handle. This is a little bigger and heavier than the 20v model and can produce more power and working force. Besides that, you will get a larger battery capacity with this one that will allow you to work a bigger area in one single charge.

The 40v string trimmer is cheaper than its other cousins with even more power but more costly than the 20v model. However, with little extra bucks, you can get a more powerful machine within your grasp. The price of a 40v string trimmer is usually starting from 200$. If you have a bigger area to deal with, then a 40v string trimmer will be the best choice.

One of the coolest plus points is that the 40v model can cut very dense bushes and small shrubs like plants easily. In brief, the 40v string trimmer is more powerful, efficient, heavier, and comes with a longer battery capacity.

How Does a String Trimmer Work

The mechanism behind the weed trimmer consists of two tiny vinyl or plastic strings attached to a rotating head, which spin faster when the trimmer engine is working more efficiently. The string made of plastic is able to eliminate weeds in many ways.

When the plant is fortunate enough, the string can hit it with such force that it slices directly through the plant. When the string spins at high speed, the force of the centrifugal force can cause it to stiffen and become a blade, cutting right across the tree. Because leafy weeds serve as food sources and, even if it is successful in its initial pruning and cannot recover, it will go through a death spiral in the following days. Contrary to grasses and weeds, most weeds are cultivated from the top, which is why cutting them away is typically too difficult for the weed to manage. In addition, after most of the plant is removed, the trimmer may be bent down so that the strings go into the weed and degrade the roots, further destroying the plant.

The plant is more prone to disease when healthy and sturdy since the strings can cause the weed to die. If you’ve seen plants or trees damaged by winds and storms, then you’re aware that forces such as that can destroy plants. Strings of the trimmer are made to cause irreparable harm to the plants they’re utilized on. The whipping action harms and damages the weed’s protective cell wall and cellulose layer inside the plant, twisting and burning the plant’s stems until they completely break. In addition, the string may be shaved with square edges. It can also be braided or twisting so that when it hits a weed, it creates an opening in it. It then slips away and causes serious damage. As a result, the braids or twists acting as teeth, and eventually, the strings will slice through the plant.

Thirdly the heat and friction created by the whipping of the strings and tearing through the weed could cause enough heat to keep the weed. If you’ve required changing strings following having a particularly tough time with the weeds, then you’ve likely observed how hot your head gets. The burns caused by the string can cause more damage than caused by the strings to the weeds and kill the cells that allow them to regenerate regardless of whether the whole world isn’t able to be destroyed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 40v Better Than 20v?

 Yes, 40v trimmer is better than 20v trimmer in case of power, efficiency, and battery capacity. 20v is better in case of price, easy to use and lightweight.

What Is The Best Voltage For A String Trimmer?

The higher the voltage the more efficient the trimmer is. A higher voltage trimmer can do the same work of a lower voltage trimmer using less current. That is why heat production in higher voltage trimmers is lesser. Moreover higher voltage trimmer traditionally comes with extra features.

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