How To Trim Bushes With An Electric Trimmer

How To Trim Bushes With An Electric Trimmer

Beautifully trimmed bushes are great for any yard, garden, and house. It multiplies the beauty by hundred times.

Pros usually use trimmers to trim bushes and draw out various fantastic shapes from them.

Trimmers are a very powerful and easy-to-use tool. You just need to be careful when doing the actual work.

Among the three categories of the trimmer, Electric trimmers are used most of the time in regular household trimming.

In this article, I will discuss electric trimmer and how to use them properly for trimming bushes as well as holly bushes.

So without further ado, let’s get started-

When Is The Best Time To Trim Bushes?

First of all, we need to know what is the best time to trim bushes. For this, I have talked to a professional and experienced firmer couple of days back.

He says that trimming can usually be done whenever you need them to so. But there is something called ideal timing.

  1. Afternoon and morning are the best time to do this kind of job. Because in this time, the sun is not so hard to make you tired quickly. Besides that, plants usually look healthy and strong in the afternoon and morning. This the plant are less harmed and bigger opportunity to grow faster.
  2. Bushes that grow faster should be ideal for trimming in September or July, and bushes that are evergreen should be ideal for trimming in summer. But as you know, there is no must-followed rule in this situation.
  3. You should start trimming when you have enough time on your hand. If you recklessly do this, the expected shape may not appear. Instead, take your time and do the work gently. Thus you can obtain your goal without bringing any harm to you, your machine, and yeah- the bush itself.

A Few Safety Precautions That Are Good To Know

Whenever you are working with a machine, you should know the safety precautions. If you are going to work with a hedge trimmer, then here are some points to remember-

  1. Check out the cord before plugin with the electric power source. Because there can be fault or the wire can be damaged. This can result in a short circuit.
  2. The best practice is to use hand gloves, a face mask, eye protector. This can protect you from accidental incidents.
  3. If children are playing within a 10-meter radius of your working zone, then tell them to go away and choose another place to play until you finish your work.

How To Trim Bushes With A Hedge Trimmer?

How To Trim Bushes With A Hedge Trimmer

Planning Your Hedge Concept

Prior to you begin cutting, bear in mind the total pattern you intend to attain. Hedges can make outstanding personal privacy displays, including a framework to the yard or include a little character to your landscape. Have a look at a few of the methods you can make use of hedges in your general landscape pattern. Include passion to the front of your home with very carefully grown as well as shaped hedges. Produce an amazing landscape is by utilizing hedges to highlight a prime focus in the yard.

Link Up the Hedge Trimmer

Obviously, the first step is to link up your trimmer and see that you have an adequate expansion cord length for more significant trim tasks. When making a decision on expansion cord length, make certain that the expansion cord is safety-rated and also account for the elevation of the hedge. When cutting, maintain the electric cord behind you for included safety and security.

Work Your Way Up

When cutting shrubs or hedges, constantly begin from the bottom up. The objective is to begin near the bottom and also gradually function your means up. Please do not use excessive stress on the trimmer, as well as see to it to take your time. Cut the hedge gradually, as well as pay very close attention to the deepness of your trim. If you trim as well much right into the hedges, you run the risk of making the hedge appearance unequal, which is not what an expert cut will certainly resemble.

Angle the Edges

The edges of the hedge call for a bit of skill to obtain the form wanted. Hedges slim on top as well as broaden near the bottom, so you’ll require to cut the edges of the bush at an angle. The angle is necessary for aesthetic appeals, yet it’s a lot more vital for permitting sunshine right into the bush. When the edges are effectively angled, you’ll permit sunlight to get to the hedge’s origin system to enable stable development.

Cut the Tops

Cutting the top of your bush will undoubtedly lead to an extra specialist appearance. Numerous property owners are frightened to cut the tops, yet it’s instead simple once you understand just how specialists cut tops. You’ll wish to lead the trimmer left as well as right while holding the electric trimmer level at the top of the bushes. Go sluggish, as well as make certain just to cut a couple of inches at once. Focus as well as perseverance are crucial for an also cut. Since you constantly desire to begin from the ground up with your hedges, tops are cut last. You can make use of a collection of risks linked up with a string following to utilize as a cutting standard. If you are fretted, the last cut will undoubtedly be irregular.

How To Trim Holly Bushes With The Hedge Trimmer

How To Trim Holly Bushes With The Hedge Trimmer

Hollies can return from the dead or seemingly dead in addition to old timber at the grounds of their stems. As that timber is merely inactive, it is feasible to trim the stems nearly to the ground without eliminating them.

Such extreme trimming is very well restricted to southerly environments. In cooler areas, minimize the dimension of your thick holly slowly to create much less tension to both the plant and also on your own. The majority of hollies really are multi-stemmed shrubs, sometimes trimmed right into a tree form. They differ in strength from the United States Of America Department of Agriculture plant strength areas 3 to 11.

This job can quickly be done with the hedge trimmer. Now in this topic, I will tell you the best way in which you better trim the holly bushes with the hedge trimmer.


Typically, hollies get a stunning all-natural type. However, periodically some rebellious branches sneak in. By eliminating intersecting or crossing branches to form a branch junction, you can boost the all-natural kind of your plant.

Trimming these branches additionally protects against congestion in the structure of the holly as well as decreases indoor mass. Preferably, this thinning causes holly with well-positioned, well-connected branches and also opens it to much better air circulation, supporting stop infection.

For many years, this trimming leads to a much better company of branches, ultimately lowering the quantity of general trimming your hedge will certainly require. When done appropriately, thinning must not be obvious, so make use of a cut alongside the primary branch to assist in concealing the undesirable stub.


If you aim to develop a hedge bush or a few other official forms with the holly, make use of a combination of prearranged cuts that get rid of the completion of a branch to a bud along with a fallen leave node.

This procedure reduces the branch to produce the wanted form however does not eliminate it. Trimming needs to be made at an angle with sloping up in order to hide the stub. With many official forms, the bottom of the plant needs to be a little larger than the top, permitting the sunlight to get to all locations of the plant and also avoiding the advancement of bare legs.

Lots of people incorrectly utilize this trimming approach to attempt to regulate the dimension of their hollies, yet this winds up being a vicious circle due to the fact that, like the majority of trimming, it really advertises brand-new development.

Radical trimming

Deciduous hollies remain in a trimming classification all their very own. These active plants need to be trimmed back yearly in the late winter months to enhance their form and also urge brand-new development.

Stems that are usually thicker than a thumb need to be cut to the bottom. However, never ever get rid of greater than one-third of the bush. Branches that are week, old, or spindly, as well as those wandering off as well much outside the text of the bush, need to be the very first to go.

If there is still trimming to be done, relocate on to the thicker branches. This revival trimming might appear drastic, but it is the most acceptable means to keep the stunning all-natural kind of deciduous hollies looks good as well as maintain them healthy and balanced.

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