Best 4 Stroke Weed Eater

Best 4 Stroke Weed Eater

There was a time when 2-cycle weed eaters were the only option to clean the weeds. But that association has passed. Nowadays weed eaters manufacturing companies have become more advanced and are providing 4-cycle weed eaters to the customers thinking about the benefits.
Compared to 2-cycle weed eaters, 4-cycle weed eaters are more effective and convenient to use. This thing is more convenient to use for people who are not accustomed to operating weed eater. These are eco-friendly as well as useful enough for work.

You will find many weed eater in the market but determining the best 4 stroke weed eater is a very difficult task. With all of you in mind, here is a list of some of the best 4-cycle weed eaters that may be ideal for you. So let’s get started.

The Top Choices at a Glance:

  1. Craftsman 4-Cycle Gas-Powered Weed Eater
  2. Husqvarna 4-Cycle 18″ Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer
  3. HUYOSEN 4-Cycle Gas Powered 3-in-1 String Trimmer
  4. Honda Gas 4-Stroke String Trimmer/Weed Eater
  5. Ryobi 4-Cycle Gas Trimmer Trimmer/Weed Eater

What is 4 Stroke Weed Eater?

A weed eater is a tool used in the garden to cut grass, groundcover, trim weeds, etc. When the weed eater bears the 4-cycle engine, then it is called a four-stroke weed eater. The specialty of four-stroke machines is that the power created passes through 4 steps to complete a cycle.

Intake, compression, power, and exhaust are the steps. Also, the oil distribution system and crankcase can separate oil from gasoline. It helps to lubricate the movable part of the engine. It is one type of popular weed eater.

Important Benefits of 4 Stroke Weed Eater

4 stroke weed eater offers customers a variety of benefits. Let’s learn about some of the important benefits.

Quieter: The hurdle that commercial lawn care companies often faced was if 4-cycle trimmers could handle the workload of a 2-cycle unit that most workers were probably accustomed to behaving. The truth is that eating 4 stroke weeds can easily handle the abominable weed shaking abilities and it can do it at a more-calm rate, saving the ears of the workers and preventing the anger of the client’s neighbors.

Convenient: Since 4-wheel engines run on standard petrol or diesel, they save the need for a separate can of gas for the mower in addition to an oil and a tank to keep the gas/oil mixture separate for 2 / t to run the stroke trimmer. 4-cycle trimmers are easily known as simple because they require less priming for gas and oil mixtures and often ignite on the first pull of the starting cord.

Low emissions: Having low exhaust is not only the luxury of string trimmers, it is becoming more and more the law. California string trimmers, for example, have a mandatory law that they must be CARB compliant. The following emissions are positive in a number of ways, from reducing black fog to inhalation, reducing a carbon footprint in the environment, and not smelling like fabric exhaust.

5 Best 4 Stroke Weed Eater Reviews 2021

Unless you don’t find what you’re looking for, it can be hard to select quality products. These trimmers were chosen as the top choice. Since it not only performs well but also looks great. However, it usually gets good ratings. That’s why we looked to pick the Best 4 Stroke Weed Eater/string trimmer.

We came up with the 5 top 4-cycle weed eaters accessible right after a lot of research and study. In this article, we’ll go through the four greatest four-cycle weed whackers on the market right now. These reviews will guide you in selecting the finest one for your lawn care needs.

1. Craftsman 4-Cycle Gas-Powered Weed Eater

Craftsman 4-Cycle Gas-Powered Weed Eater

The Craftsman CMXGTAMD30SA, the name sounds too complicated to you, doesn’t it? But you will be happy to know that even though the name is complicated, it is easy enough to use. If you are looking for something to maintain your garden perfectly, don’t feel hesitate to use this 4 stroke string trimmer.

It is one of the most effective weed eaters in the market as it is very strong and comes with all the great features. Its 4-cycle engine ensures the highest performance. But the best thing is, it does not create loudness when operating.

Its two-step prime and pull starting feature make this model easy to use. You will also find a weed wacker head here that facilitates line feeding and reloading.

Thanks to its multi-position handle which has made it easier to control this model. It is capable of cutting 17 “wide paths which are quite impressive. You will find this trimmer compatible with several attachments, which means you can use it as other lawn care tools if you want.


  • Easy to use for its 2-step starting system
  • The 4-cycle engine makes it so powerful
  • Compatible with other attachments
  • Works well on tough grass


  • Heavyweight option

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2. Husqvarna 4-Cycle 18″ Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 4-Cycle Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

Assume you’d like to keep your yard pretty without using a great deal of work. Then these trimmers are simple to use. And will let you work more efficiently and effectively.

The Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle 18″ Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer is an ideal buy for rapidly attacking weeds and grass.. It usually means to provide accurate cuts as well as easy access. The straight shaft design allows for greater reach beneath shrubs and around difficult places. It’s pretty easy to use due to smart start technology.

It is way more powerful than earlier versions. Besides, it runs on unleaded gas, which removes the need for fuel mixing. It also has a clear gasoline tank. So, keep an eye on fuel levels when you work.

Yet, the “tap and go” line release, which streamlines weed removal from the start, makes it perfect. The high-visibility shield protects the user against flying pebbles. And scrap giving good eyesight. It is primarily a trimmer. But the split shaft doesn’t let – anti accessories like blowers, producers, or edgers.


  • The dual trigger improves security.
  • It’s simple to get started from the base up.
  • A single-string head is simple to use.
  • The benefit of not having to mix gas and oil
  • The shaft size is ideal for persons of tall heights.
  • The use of smart start technology reduces cord resistance.
  • It moves quickly, and all of the parts are well-protected against debris.


  • The gas tank isn’t huge.
  • The head doesn’t spin 90 degrees when trimming,

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3. HUYOSEN 4-Cycle Gas Powered 3-in-1 String Trimmer

HUYOSEN 4-Cycle Gas Powered 3-in-1 String Trimmer

If you want to buy a weed trimmer that can save your time and money. It is also safe, convenient, and comfortable for users. 

The HUYOSEN Gasoline Weed Cutter creates too little noise and vibration. The anti-vibration system plays a vital role here. It has a D-handle that is adjustable to ergonomic, and the design of the handle is slip-free so that it is comfortable to use.

During operation, the debris can not divert towards the operator because the shield mounts above the attachment of cutting. There is a throttle protection switch to prevent the accidental starting process.

This 4-cycle grass trimmer works with high power. The engine is 38.9cc, and the maximum capacity is 7000r/min. It allows a heavy workload. It works faster with less gasoline than its other counterparts.

To use this weed whacker, you need not use gasoline and oil combined. It makes it more convenient to use. Because of a heavy-duty filter system, the lifetime of the engine and maintenance intervals is higher. The presence of 2 teeth containing heavy blades has made it easy to use.


  • The trimmer ensures the safety of the user.
  • Produce less noise than others.
  • It contains a potent engine.
  • The trimmer is user-friendly and convenient to use.
  • It is comfortable to use.
  • The presence of a shock-absorbing spring has made it perfect for long-term use.


  • The weight of the trimmer may be a little bit heavy.
  • A person may face problems with assembling it.

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4. Honda Gas 4-Stroke String Trimmer/Weed Eater

Honda Gas 4-Stroke String Trimmer

Do you need a weed trimmer? Then you can buy Honda 647620 35.8cc Gas 17 at an affordable price.  It is as comfortable as it is safe to use.

The Honda 647620 35.8cc Gas is an excellent tool for cutting lawn and garden edges. This cutter designs to be fuel-efficient. It has a 35 mini four stock engine—two high-speed created triggers for high efficiency and shock absorption control. Outstanding balance due to default design can protect lightweight and comfortable loop handle design that does not cause fatigue during work.

The trimmer provides an automatic boundary line. Can control and maintain balance. It has a blade for heavy white brush trimming. Can run it.on units with unleaded petrol. So no fuel gas is required. This product features a straight shaft string trimmer that can give your lawn a clean and great border.

You can not turn the debris to the operator during your operation because the soldier rises above the cutting attachment. There is a powerful throttle switch to prevent accidental starting. This 4-cycle grass trimmer has high power, which is convenient to operate. The engine has a capacity of 35.8cc, which allows maximum heavy working pressure. It works faster with less petrol than other equivalents.


  • The products have a powerful engine.
  • Its capacity is 80×100 foot residential yard grass cutting.
  • The trimmer generates less noise than other trimmers.
  • The trimmer is eco-friendly and convenient to use.
  • It features the best and comfortable loop design handle.
  • Easy and safe to use the trimmer.


  • The trimmer is a little heavy but valuable to carry.
  • A grass blade will work, but it has heavy metal cutting blades attached, which is not reasonable.

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5. Ryobi 4-Cycle Gas Trimmer Trimmer/Weed Eater

Ryobi 4-Cycle Gas Trimmer Trimmer

If you are looking for a 4 stroke trimmer with lightweight, then it is the best option for you. The lower noise level, vibration, emission, etc. have made it more preferable to the user. 

This gas trimmer is lightweight. It produces low noise and emissions. It also has minimal vibration for the convenience of the users.

This item removes from retail packaging for shipping purposes. And it is present in the generic shipping box. In the oiling system, there is a small hose. And one way is to return the oil pumped to the camp and lift area before flooding the site through the check valve. And it is pulled into the carb through the second hose and check valve.

There is a form of a PVC system. The third check valve is in place to drain the oil from the air filter box to the sump. The piston goes up and down. All the oil draws into the tiny plastic box of the air filter assembly. There is no mixture of gas and oil—sprite shaft 1 inch for its trimming width for quick trimming.


  • The trimmer is lighter in weight compare to the other 4 stroke trimmer.
  • The noise level of the trimmer is minimum.
  • It ensures the comfort of the users.
  • The vibration level of the trimmer is very low.
  • The using method is very easy and simple


  • The trimmer is not too flexible to use.
  • The capacity of the engine is a little bit lower than the other 4 stroke weed trimmer.

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Difference Between 4 Cycle and 2 Cycle Weed Eater: 

There are two kinds of weed eaters: 2-cycle and 4-cycle. The thing that matters is how the motor works. At the same time, the 4-cycle utilizes two upheavals to end the way toward making force and getting air, and afterward discharge exhaust and pack the air.

2-cycle and 4-cycle motors are now and again alluded to as 2-stroke or 4-phase motors. This sort of motor isn’t explicit to weed eaters; trimming tools, edgers, and different gas-controlled yard instruments utilize these kinds of engines as well. Despite the brand or type of yard device, they will have a similar essential burning cycle that makes them run.

The two kinds of motors are controlled by gas. The two-cycle and four-cycle engines are exclusive to gas motors. There are electric yard machines, however, their motors function differently and do not have the same stroke length as gas engines.. 2-cycle weed eaters will, in general, be lightweight, simple to keep up, and reasonable yet are more muscular and not harmless to the ecosystem

4-cycle weed eaters usually are calmer and produce lower emanations; however, they will, in general, be more costly and substantial. The 4-cycle motor has a few moving parts. It has a driving rod, camshaft, an interfacing bar, different valves and lifters, and a cylinder. It also has four essential stages that are finished in two upsets, which is why it’s known as a 4-cycle or 4-stroke.

The 2-cycle motor goes through a similar interaction, however with more minor advances and has fewer parts. A 2-stroke has a driving rod, an interfacing bar, and a cylinder. Since it can do similar work in fewer strokes, 2-cycle motors make an impressive machine. They are more modest than the 4-cycle motors since they don’t have numerous pieces and don’t weigh such a lot.

How to Select the best 4 stroke weed eater: 

While choosing the best 4 stroke weed eater, you should consider some main points. Here are some things to consider before buying a product.

  • Shaft Design Straight Or Curved: 

Both these alternatives have their arrangement of benefits, so it eventually descends to your inclination. The straight shaft is the more normal of the two and permits you to cut no sweat. In the meantime, the last gives you additional working points so that you can get to hard-to-arrive places. It likewise gives you the proper equilibrium to deal with a thick excess.

  • Ergonomics: 

It is another fundamental point since you’ll be working the weed eater physically, and the outcomes rely upon the application. Search for highlights like flexible handle and tallness settings, as they add to agreeable use. Moreover, if you’re getting one interestingly, it’s ideal for getting a lightweight alternative to improve on things.

  • Against Vibration Technology: 

Some trendy gas-fueled models incorporate the enemy of vibration innovation. However, that is not guaranteed. Make a point to check the specs before buying one, as this could have a significant effect between expanded use and early muscle weariness. The counter-vibration system will help you work longer and limit the strain on your arms to clarify further.

  • Simple Start Technology: 

But of which model you use at once, it’s crucial to check how it begins. Anything which requires different endeavors is off-limits, as you would prefer not to pull lines for a few minutes. Most models on our rundown need insignificant exertion to turn over motor activity. In any case, some of them need a different starter, which excludes the item.

  • Cutting Width: 

Maybe this is an easy decision, yet the cutting width of a weed eater will eventually decide its general presentation. Your machine could have the most impressive motor, yet it’s of little use if its cutting width is deficient.


Q1. Is it better for a 4-stroke weed eater? 

Ans: More torque produces by 4-stroke engines. That gives you the strength to do more. Because of the torque, people who 4-stroke weed eaters can cut with the help of grass. Weed eaters with four strokes are heavier. Its strength is beneficial. Even so, so the machine can cut through the grass faster, you can spend less time with it.

Q2. Is a 4 stroke weed eater better than 2 strokes? 

Ans: There are several benefits to owning a 4-stroke motor for trimmers or other lawn care applications. However, in most cases, a 2-stroke engine has reasons to be king. They are more durable, have fewer faults, and are simpler to start and operate.

Q3. Does Stihl make a four-stroke weed eater?

Ans: The steel FS91R weed eater 4-mix engine is attractive. It is a 4-stroke engine. So that your fuel needs to premix in a 50: 1 ratio.One of the main benefits of a 4-stroke engine that does not require premix gasoline. But the way Stihl walks makes it look a bit strange.

Final Thought

The 4 stroke weed wacker is one of the things that can help you the most in weeding. You have already got the idea through our article about what is a 4 stroke weed eater and its benefits. We have also made a list of the best 4 stroke weed eater from which you can choose the best quality weed eater for you.

We hope this small effort will help you to find the best 4 stroke weed eater. If you have any further questions regarding weed eater, you can comment to us. We will definitely try to answer. Thank you all.

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