Rotary Spreader Settings For Grass Seed

rotary spreader settings for grass seed

There are several types of spreaders available for spreading granular fertilizer or pesticide, grass seed, weed killer in the lawn. Now, it is easier to distribute the fertilizer with the lawn spreader. If you want to spread grass seed, you should have knowledge about rotary spreader settings for grass seed. If you know how to use a lawn spreader like scott or a broadcast rotary spreader, you can tirelessly handle bulk work.

Maybe you’re looking for the best grass seed spreader, then choose Scotts broadcast rotary spreader to distribute the seed like a breeze. Maybe you’re experiencing less grass in your lawn or garden. It is really difficult to sow many grass seeds at the right level. But if you have a rotary spreader, the task will be much easier. But before getting accurate spreading, you need to set up the spreader perfectly. Additionally, choosing the right spreader is necessary.

How To Manage Rotary Spreader Settings For Grass Seed?

If you have a new lawn without any grass, you can overseed or seed the grass by using a rotary spreader like a scotts rotary spreader. It works effortlessly if you set it properly. So, rotary spreader settings for grass seed are worthy. There are many spreaders and grass seeds available. You can pick up one spreader for seeding grass following proper instructions.

In general, the rotary grass spreader can be set in lbs units. Not all spreader settings are the same. Different settings are required at different spreaders. Below is a discussion on how to set up a rotary spreader for sowing grass seeds in different places.

  • Long fescue grass mixes

If you are looking for drought-tolerant and hard grass then this will be a fantabulous choice for you. It is very strong which can survive even in severe drought or high temperatures. Also, this is best if you have a lot of people walking on your lawn or patio. It can withstand a lot of stress. It germinates very quickly and grows fast.

To spread this type of grass with a scotts rotary spreader is the best. Because it can be set effortlessly. Here you need to calculate your lawn areas to multiply between length and width.  In this case, you need to apply a setting of seven and a half (7 ½) for overseeding. But if you establish a new lawn you need a setting of 18.

  • Sun grass mixes

If you’re living in extreme heating conditions, you can choose this type of grass seed. There are some grass seeds like scotts sun seeds that can germinate quickly and stay fresh even in temperatures up to 40 to 50 degree Celsius.

Since you’re trying to set the seeds with a scotts rotary spreader, you need to set it to 5 ½ when you’re overseeding. But if you don’t need to be overseed and have a newly established lawn you can set it to 8 ¼. With this setting, you can spread the seeds in the right proportion effortlessly.

  • Shade grass mixes

If you have large trees over your lawn, you need to sow grass seeds that can stay green and fresh even in the shaded place. In this case, you need to analyze the Scotts elite spreader setting chart brilliantly. The elite spreader is a general broadcast spreader that can place the fertilizer up to 1000 sq.ft.

If you want to sow grass seed in an extremely shady area with a scotts rotary spreader, you should consider settings for overseeding to 5 ½. But if you recently established a new bare-lawn, you can set the spreader to 8 ¼.

  • Fenway park and other fields grass seed

Fenway parks is the well-known baseball stadium where you can see several types of grass. These grasses are very tight and grow swiftly. Here you need to use the best spreader like a shocked broadcast spreader. But before you set it up manually, you have to know the Scotts standard broadcast spreader manual chart.

To spread the seed with this type of spreader, you need a setting of 2 ¼  for overseeding, and for a bare lawn you need a setting of 4. But if you use a handheld broadcast spreader here, you need to set it 3 for overseeding. And, planting a bare-lawn or new lawn, you need a setting of 4.

If you spread the grass seed with an easy green broadcast spreader, you need a setting of 26 when you’re overseeding. But for establishing a new lawn you need a setting of 27 to get proper distribution.

  • Ryegrass mixes

If you want to seeding Bermuda grass, you can use a Rye mix that grows and germinates fast. Scotts provides quick-growing ryegrass mixes. If you’re facing lots of problems with soil erosion, then plant some rye mixed grasses.

In this case, you set the spreader at 6 ¼ for overseeding. Surprisingly, it has no different setting when you want to spread the grass seed in your bare lawn. It is the same as overseeding.

General FAQs:

Can you use a rotary spreader for grass seed?

Yes, you can use the rotary spreader like broadcast or easy green rotary spreader for spreading grass seed, granular fertilizer, weed killer, and other needed ingredients. It is more proficient and gets quicker results than drop spreaders.

What setting do you put grass seed down?

If the temperatures are below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you can spread the grass seeds on the lawn. Because, if the soil temperatures are 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, the seeds germinate fast.

Will grass seed grow if I just throw it down?

No, you can’t do this. Because, when you’re putting the grass seed without a thin layer, the seed will wash away by the excessive rain.


Among all the grass seed or fertilizer spreaders, the rotary spreaders are the best. Because they are more workable than others. Also, they complete the work hassle-free and swiftly. To make proper spreading and overseeding, you should know the basics of rotary spreader settings for grass seed. If you set it perfectly as it requires, it can spread the seed in equal proportion.

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