5 Plants That Look Like A Penis

Plants That Look Like A Penis

It is a quite common feeling that the female form is truly a sign of beauty and glory. But what if the male form? Male also processes marvelous things to behold. Although it’s not as pretty as females, men are super pretentious with their nether areas. That’s so they behold statues as a sign of leaders. In comparison with mother nature, things that resemble a penis are not so ingenious.

Yet! Nature surrounds some dramatic plants that look like a penis. These plants are a sign that beholds the beauty of men. Being tall in size, they look impressive in yards. People do cultivate these penis-like plants to enhance the beauty of the garden.

5 Plants That Look Like A Penis

So today, we are gonna discuss the greatest 5 plants that look like humans. They have a similar appearance to a man’s penis. Do you know about these rude plants? Eager to know? Let’s know how the plants look and their characteristics.

1. Snake-like Cacti (Cleistocactus Samaipatanus)

Snake-like Cacti (Cleistocactus samaipatanus)

Snake cacti are one of the most well-known plants that look like a penis. They are tall and contain spines all over the body. There are different varieties of cacti with a roughly phallic pattern. They contain rude-looking flowers that grow in pairs. The blooms are roundish and red in color. The colorful blooms look eye-catching.

Cacti can often be cucumber-shaped. The slow-growing plant has a height of 6-10 inches and is 2-3 inches wide. It contains a thick stem that is a light glaucous green color. The roof of the stem is cylindrical whereas the lower part is taunted. In the basal sector, the stems contain a few spiny areoles. Cacti prefer cold weather to grow. The soil should be well-drenched for optimum growth. In winter, maintain a minimum temperature for cultivating.

There is another variety of cactus that is Echinopsis bridgesii forma mostruosa inermis. And so, it is often called the penis cactus. It is known by different names in different regions including San Pedro penis, penis plant, pornographic cactus, etc. In Germany, the special plant is named Frauenglück which means ‘women’s pleasure’. It can grow up to 4-inches or can be 10cm tall. The plants look optimistic in a row.

You will find another species of cacti that is  Lophocereus schottii. It is taller than Echinopsis bridgesii. Thus, it is called the big penis cactus. It can grow up to 23-feet or 7 m.

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2. Peter’s Pepper (Capsicum annuum var. annuum or ‘Peter’)

Peter’s Pepper Plant

Peter’s pepper is called penis pepper due to its penis-like appearance. It comes with an interesting shape like a penis. Although the different pattern brings a lot of giggles, the unique chilly species is very tasty to eat. Therefore, in different countries, peter’s pepper is used to make dishes. The hot spicy taste of this chilly gives a different flavor to foods. Usually, Mexicans used to make dishes with peter’s peppers.

Peter’s pepper is also named chilly willy. It has a long shape with a tubular body that finishes with a bulbous. These sleek red knobs are 9 times spicier than jalapenos having 10,000 and 23,000 Scoville heat units. Each petter’s pepper becomes 4-6 inches long. These specific plants are recognized as a gardening kingdom in the Southern part of North America where they grow best.

Penis pepper can also be green or yellow. It prefers medium sunlight and enough watering for cultivation. Nowadays, greenhouse shade cloths are used to plant these chilies. Late March and early October is the best time for cultivation. Every plant carries nearly 100 peppers when it matures. Each pepper is 2-6 inches long and the chilly pod is 1-1.5 inches wide.

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3. Mushrooms (Phallus impudicus)

Phallus impudicus

The other plant that resembles a man’s penis is the stinkhorn mushroom. Its appearance is of laughs but the plant is tasty to eat. Mushrooms are being consumed worldwide that have an odor like withering meat. The appearance is similar to wang poking up from a heap of compost. Mushroom, a rude-looking plant, has a tall fruiting structure. It contains a conical head that is slimy and dark olive color. The head is recognized as gleba that includes spores causing odors.

Phallus impudicus, the common stinkhorn mushroom, can be 10 inches or 25 cm tall. It is a phallic fungus and has typically a bad odor. In Europe and North Africa, this plant is quite common. It can grow in wood debris, forests, and mulched gardens. The plants grow best in summer to late autumn.

There is another example of a penis-like plant that is Mutinus elegans. It is a specific variety of mushrooms that has many nicknames including elegant stinkhorn, devil’s dipstick, and dog stinkhorn. Mushrooms are used as feed in livestock. They have many medicinal properties to prevent humans from various diseases like Venous thrombosis.

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4. Naked man orchid (Orchis Italica)

Naked man orchid (Orchis Italica)

Naked man orchid, a plant that looks like a man. It has an appearance like a human figure.

It is a bunch of cute violet-colored blooms that tend to wear helmets designed from petals and sepals. It’s an Italian species that is in the Mediterranean. It has a general shape of a naked man, thus it is named Naked man orchid. The plants can be 50 cm in height. It does not grow in bright sunlight. It demands partial light and well-drained soils.

The soils should be low in nutrients for the proper growth of this particular species. It contains bright pink or violet-colored cute clustered flowers in April. The blooms are attached to a single stalk and look like a naked man. It is often called an Italian orchid also. There are other Italian orchid species of this plant including marsh orchids and spotted orchids.

The petals and sepals of the orchid plant are fastened to an acuminate helmet. Thus, the plant has a helmet-wearing human figure. The blooms are cut into strips and have an awesome look. Gardeners used to cultivate these beautiful plants in the yard due to their amazing beauty. There are various Orchis italica plants for sale on many online platforms, especially on Amazon. Make a purchase of this specific plant from Amazon at a cheap price.

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5. Bee orchid (Ophrys apifera)

Bee orchid (Ophrys apifera)

Last but not least, the Bee orchid or Ophrys apifera is one of the most widely known plants that resemble a named man figure. Here the Ophrys is a Greek word that means eyebrow. In ancient times, European women used to art their eyebrows with this orchid plant. From where the plant is named Ophrys. And here the apifera is a Latin word meaning bee-bringing or bee-bearing. The orchid plant has a bee-like shape thus it is named apifera.

The structure is just like the appearance of a bee. Thus it is called Bee orchid. It has a large lip attached to the body. This special plant is common in Europe. It can be cultivated in grassland, limestone, calcareous dunes, semi-dry turf, woodland, or even open areas. The particular plant contains nutritional, medicinal, and aphrodisiac properties. It is used worldwide to cure pathetic diseases. The plant is typically used as an ingredient to make traditional Turkey dishes.

Bee orchids can be 15-50 cm tall. In autumn, it produces tiny rosettes of leaves. The leaves grow slowly in winter. The proper time of blooming is in mid-April when the plant develops rude-looking flowers thamid-April attractive to see. Flowerude-looking is held from June to July. During pollination, the plant produces a flower spike that can hold up to 12 flowers as well. There are 3 large purple-colored sepals enclosed in the flower base.

Calcareous soils are preferable to Ophrys apifera for growth. The earth must be well-drained and poor in nutrients. It can grow in both bright and dim sunlight. It is a drought-tolerant plant that you can cultivate in a nursery also. Keep the temperature low for optimum growth. The soil should be moist and 5-cm deep to plant this. Soils that contain alkalinity are preferable to bee orchids. Maintain moderate watering every day and take proper care. You can find this hanging man orchid plant for sale on various online platforms like eBay or Amazon.

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Last Few Words:

Various things in nature make us fascinated with their amazing beauty. Do you ever think a plant can have the appearance of a man? There are so many things in nature that look something else including some plants. This article is all about the fact.

This guide is about the top 5 plants that resemble a man’s penis. These plants are eye-catching and great to cultivate in your yard. They can differ the look of your garden in pinkies. So, here we have talked about the top 5 plants that look like a penis. Do read the article and know about the unique plants.

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