How To Change Weed Eater Line

how to change weed eater line

How To Change Weed Eater Line: The most popular multi-tool line trimmer is an essential tool in the yard of every lawn owner. This practical tool is useful for cutting weeds. It is effective for getting near fence posts, bushes, tree trunks, or even under trampolines.

Generally, there are three types of this weed-eating tools. These are gas-based, cordless battery-based, and electric cord-based. Choose the right weed cutter according to the size of your yard.

How To Change Weed Eater Line

A line trimmer is essential for cutting weeds in your garden. This is a mechanism of cutting grass, weeds, or any unwanted green from your yard.

The line is made of plastic handles and spinning wheel wrap around the housing. A good quality string will undoubtedly last longer. These weed cut strings usually come in single or double-line format. A single line can cut in half the amount of a double line. After a while, the trimmer will stop working when your weed-eating string is finished.

In this article, we will talk about how to change the weed eating line in 3 steps.

Step- 1: Changing Lines To A Single Line Trimmer

Following these steps, You can change the string of your weed trimmer to a single-line trimmer.

  1. Preparing the right line:

First, choose a perfect string to go through your weed cut. If you take a wide or dense string, this will not go through the hole. As a result, it may not work properly for you.

To find the right size of string go to their company website and choose according to your model. After selecting the correct string, try to cut it to the appropriate length. If you do not know the exact length, it is better to leave a little extra.

  1. Remove the retaining cap

Now check if your waker has cooled down. As a result, your hands will not burn. To remove the holding cap from the trimmer head, press one or more side tabs.

Its method varies depending on each model. However, it is not a very difficult thing to determine.

  1. Look for the starter hole in the open spool

Now you will get the starter hole in the middle of the spool. Then insert the tip of the string into the hole and look for the arrow mark on your spool. Now start wrapping the strings on the side of that arrow.

Many companies may have these arrows on the bottom of the hat. In that case, try to wrap the clockwise side counterclockwise.

If you turn it clockwise, it will stop when the engine starts. You actually snap it in 5 or 6 lines to keep it in the string.

  1. Attach the spool to the trimmer head

Place your spool on the side of the spool line holder until the right slot of the head of your cap.

Now remove your string from the retainer so you can feed it through the slot. After doing this, reattach the recovery cap.

Step- 2: Change The Line In The Double Line Feeder

  1. Wrap the string

There will be two holes when doing the double line feeder. A separate wall will be provided to control these two strings.

Now insert the tip of the string and start wrapping the line. When you mark 6 ‘of the line, attach it to the hold. This is how you complete the second string bundle process.

You have to attach it to the other end of the retainer. At this point, both strings will want to come opposite to each other. If these are opposite to each other, you are on the right track.

  1. Returning the retaining cap

Now you quickly remove both lines from the recorder and feed them through the eyes outside the trimmer head.

Replace the spool and pull both lines at the same time. Attach the retaining cap. Finally, your weed mover is ready to cut the weeds.

Step- 3: Line Change In Speed Feed Trimmer

At first, you repeat the same process from steps 1 and 2.

  1. Align the arrows

In this case, you do not need to open or close the speed feed trimmer cap. So feeding for you will become relatively easy and fast. You need to rotate the cap to align the body-marked arrows with the islets. After completing the work you will see the light coming from the eyelet.

Now your eyelet is ready to feed the string. Then take your long string and insert it through an islet. In a very short time, it will come out of the others.

  1. Roll it in place

Quickly pull the string to the right size for both ends. Once done, hold the cap and turn your head clockwise. You should stop when you see the 5 ‘or 6’ string at the end.

Finally, your strong weed warrior is ready to weed.

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