How To Adjust Rotary Sprinkler Heads

how to adjust rotary sprinkler heads

A rotary sprinkler is an essential object for cleaning and water irrigation an immense space by spraying water. It is the best option for those who want to clean and water the trees around the park, garden, and golf areas. But, first, you need to know how to adjust rotary sprinkler heads.

It automatically sprays the water after adjusting the heads perfectly. There are many types of sprinklers that have two or more heads.

There are different types of rotary sprinklers available with different numbers of heads.

In this case, the hunter rotary sprinkler is in the top class. To get proper watering a hunter rotary sprinkler is best. But the prerequisite of getting ultimate irrigation is to know how to adjust rotating sprinkler heads.

Hopefully, it requires less physical force or expensive equipment to adjust. You only need a small flat-headed screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

How To Adjust Rotary Sprinkler Heads – Simple Guide

If you set rotary sprinkler heads perfectly, it can clean the whole area with the best performance. But before setting it perfectly, read this article with full concentration. Because here you’ll learn how to adjust rotary sprinkler heads correctly. There are some tools like a flat-head screwdriver, pliers for adapting the sprinkler head effortlessly.

But before getting into the main concept, you should have a clear concept of some crucial things. Firstly, remember that all the sprinklers don’t come with adjustable heads. And some of them have unique and complex spraying patterns. Also, some sprinklers come with different radii.

If you have a rotating sprinkler, you should know the radius of the arc. It has only one hole to provide irrigation all around by rotation.

Usually, all sprinkler heads come with a small integrated screw nozzle. If you already have a sprinkler with heads, you should know the basics of setting the heads. You can find the nozzle in the centre of the heads and you can set it by using a screwdriver. It helps to tighten and loosen the nozzle.

After tightening the screw you should check the spraying pattern. If you see the water come out with high speed from the sprinkler, you have to tighten the screw with a screwdriver. When the screw needs to be tightened, you need to rotate the screw to the left. But if you see the water come out slowly, you need to rotate the screw anti-clockwise.

Many rotary sprinklers come without a key. So, if you don’t have a key, you should know how to adjust sprinkler heads without a key. To do it, a pair of pliers is needed. By using pliers instead of keys, you can carefully adapt the arc of the sprinklers.

If you want to arrange water irrigation in equal proportions around the garden or park, you must keep the radius right. If you can accurately calculate the radius of the arc, you can easily set it. But how to adjust sprinkler head radius accurately?

In this case, you need a scale like the Vernier scale that can measure a tiny length. It allows the sprinkler heads hole to supply the same amount of water around.

Since you know how much water you need to spray across the area. So, you must adjust the radius of the rotating sprinkler accordingly. If you need irrigation in remote areas, you need to increase the radius.

Before adjusting the radius of arc properly, you need to study and have to follow the rules. In the rotary sprinkler, there is a screw on the side of the stem. But this can vary from sprinkler to sprinkler. You need to find out where the small screw has located first. You need to turn the screwdriver clockwise if you need to reduce the water spraying pressure.

After that, you should learn how to adjust the sprinkler heads angle.

If the sprinkler head angle is at the right angle, the water will arrange equally on both sides. Rotating sprinklers can usually rotate at an angle of 360 degrees. It is effortless to irrigate the surrounding water. Remember to pop up the rotary sprinkler properly. And must adjust the arc, radius, and angle properly.

Mostly, you can find the hunter rotating sprinkler. It is more convenient that you can adjust its heads easily. Hunter rotating sprinkler heads are easily adjustable. Furthermore, It can effortlessly irrigate around.

To adjust it, you only need to amplify the arc. To complete this process, turn the screwdriver towards the plus marked sign which is engraved on the heads in the sprinkler. To increase the water pressure, you need to turn the screw as indicated by the minus sign beside the hole.

The Rainbird rotating sprinkler is also outstanding among the rotary sprinklers. The rainbird rotating sprinkler head adjustment process is effortless.

If you don’t know how to adjust sprinkler heads’ distance, you can follow this. To adapt the head distance, use a small screwdriver to turn the screw right and left. If you need to irrigate up to 15 to 20 feet, turn the screw right. And if you need to irrigate lower distance, you can rotate the screw left so that the radius of the arc will decrease.

General FAQs:

How do you lower the radius of a sprinkler head?

To lower the radius of the sprinkler head, use a small flat-head screwdriver. Then, turn the screw clockwise. If you need to increase the arc radius, then rotate the screw anti-clockwise.

How do you adjust the distance on a Rainbird sprinkler head?

In this case, you need a radius reduction screwdriver to tighten the small screw. To adjust the rainbird sprinkler head, use this screwdriver and rotate the screw clockwise or inverse clockwise.

How do you adjust sprinkler heads without a key?

Here you will need a pair of pliers to pop up the arc on the sprinkler heads. Rotate the upper part clockwise to extend the watering area by using pliers.


Adjusting sprinkler heads is crucial. If you want to irrigate the surrounding area properly, you need to know how to adjust rotary sprinkler heads. To rearrange the upper part distance, radius, and angle you perfect adjustment is necessary. To set it perfectly, you can follow this process.

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