Best Types Of Sprinkler Heads

Best Types of Sprinkler Heads

There is no substitute for sprinklers to properly irrigate plants or vegetable fields in the garden or park. But before that, you need a good-quality sprinkler head. This is because the head of the sprinkler must be of good quality to get the water to the tree properly. This article discusses about some of the best types of sprinkler heads.

There is another name for water: life. Water is an essential part of plants growth. It is hard to water the trees in the big garden, lawn, or park regularly. Also, it is a slightly boring duty.

But adapting the sprinkle heads with the hose will reduce your hard work. You need to choose the perfect sprinkler that fits with the hose diligently. The sprinkler head that has adjustable nozzles is the best sprinkler heads for hoses.

Top 7 Best Types of Sprinkler Heads

There are several types of sprinkler heads available right now. Each upper part is best for a specific sector. Also, the sprinkler upper part comes in different types. To water the plants and grasses flawlessly, you should choose the best types of sprinkler heads. It can automatically water the plants with its efficient head. Choosing the right sprinkler head is needed. Here are 7 general categories of sprinkler heads.

  • Stabled or permanent heads

It is a fixed sprinkler head that can’t move around. It sprays water on the whole lawn or garden staying in one place. It has many holes in the head. If it is placed in one place, the water is sprinkled all around from there.

However, the water that comes out of it travels a very short distance. So, this option is not suitable for sizable gardens or lawns. If you have a small garden, then this will be suitable for you. In addition, it has a round nozzle in the center of the head that allows you to adjust the head effortlessly. If you need to spray with high pressure, you need to loosen the screw.

  • Spray sprinkler heads

It is the best sprinkler head for those who have a small garden. It can spray the water with pressure up to 25 psi. It sprays water swiftly and saturates the dry area within a short time. It comes with angles ranging from 90 to 360 degrees.

You can choose the angle when you need to irrigate specific angles. It works fine in windy conditions. These are the best sprinkler heads for windy areas.

  • Rotational heads

If you have tall trees in your garden that are about 20 to 40 feet high, then a rotary type head is the best option. Because it can give water evenly by turning around. Also, when water comes out of it, it comes out at a high speed with a pressure of around 30 psi.

Most importantly, these types of sprinklers have an integrated flow control system. With this feature, you can increase or reduce the overflow of water. When you need to pressurize the water flow, you need only a screwdriver to rotate the small screw to the plus sign.

Also, you can effortlessly change the rotary sprinkler head nozzle when you think it is damaged or rusted. The best rotating heads are hunter sprinkler heads.

  • Swinging sprinkler heads

It is suitable for those who want to have fun in the water, even if it’s on the ground. It comes with some holes. The holes are in the form of rows and spray water from one side. It is mostly seen in front of various parks or famous expensive hotels. This is suitable if you have a medium-sized garden.

This type of head can splash water over a wide area. It is the same as pop-up heads. With this, you can get full pressure of water that saturates the dry area and enters every part of the trees.

  • Pulsating heads

It is also known as an impact sprinkler head. It is made with sturdy material that reduces the chances of leakage. The impulse heads are the best sprinkler heads for dirty water. It can water the large garden or lawns because it has a high speed.

This type of head supplies the water with maximum pressure that is up to 50 psi. It is a perfect irrigation head for large plants. Also, its water pressure is so high that it can wet even a distant plant.

  • Head with tiny holes

It is also known as misting sprinkler head. It has plenty of small holes that spray water with less pressure. It is suitable for small plants, especially for the vegetable garden.

It is suitable for those plants whose tip is very soft and who cannot tolerate excess water pressure. If you have a vegetable yard, you can choose this type of sprinkler head to irrigate.

  • Bubblers

It is best for watering small spaces. It can perfectly clean the ground cover, tree basins, and circular shrubs. This type of irrigation system is not suitable for gardens or lawns. You can choose it for spraying water in a short space.

General FAQs:

What is the most efficient sprinkler head?

The rotary sprinkler heads are the most effective and high-quality sprinkler heads right now. It is the best option for watering the plants from various angles.

What sprinkler covers the most area?

The oscillating and rotary sprinkler heads can irrigate wide space. The oscillating types of heads have more holes that spray water efficiently.

How do I choose a sprinkler head?

If you have large projects or gardens, you can choose rotating or pop-up sprinkler heads. The oscillating and impact sprinkler is best for medium-sized lawns.


To saturate your whole lawn and garden areas, the best types of sprinkler heads are necessary. The perfect watering and irrigation process largely depends on what type of head you have. For large lawns, you can choose pop-up or impact sprinkler heads. On the other hand, if you have a small garden, you can use stationary or bubbler heads. And the rotary and oscillating sprinkler upper part is suitable for medium-sized lawns.

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