How To Remove And Kill A Tick

How To Remove And Kill A Tick

Tick, an annoying beast of nature sometimes gets out of control over your house. They roam around your room and cause infestation. Tick bites cause various tick-borne diseases. Lyme disease is one of them. To prevent infection it is crucial to kill ticks and stop their spread. Ticks also get infested with your kids or beloved pets.

You need to be conscious when killing these annoying beasts. Follow the proper way to kill a tick without harming its body. Be sure to use the right kinds of chemical therapies that are safe for humans and pets. Are you eager to know the exact way of removing and killing a tick?

So, this article is all about how to remove and kill a tick with step-by-step instructions. Do follow the guide to get rid of bothersome creatures. Keep in mind: you should check yourself whether there is any sign of infection after killing ticks. Because ticks often leave infectious germs during dying. If you notice any sign of rash in your body, you need medical treatment.

3 Step by Step Methods Of Removing And Killing Ticks:

Method 1: Killing An Attached Tick

Remove The Tick- First, you have to separate the tick if it is attached to a pet or person. Detach the tick using a pair of tweezers. Hold its head with the pointy tips of the tweezers. Never use the wide tips of the tweezers to detach the tick. Wide tips can crush the tick’s body and spread infectious germs. Then draw it upright slowly.

Fasten The Tick Tightly Using A Tape- Wrapping the tick with tape is the best way to kill ticks easily. You won’t get injured with that. After removing a tick from a dog, wrap its whole body tightly using tape. Then place the tick in a zip-locked bag that is fully sealed.

Killing With Rubbing Alcohol- You may also use rubbing alcohol instead of tape. Keep the tick in a bowl that contains rubbing alcohol. It immediately kills the tick. You may also try bleach or vinegar instead of alcohol. You may also hear about removing a tick with vaseline. It can be an effective way.

Wash Your Hand Properly- After killing a tick you have to wash your hand with soapy water properly. If you get injured by the tick, first, wash the injured area and scrub rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball. You may also use soapy water instead of alcohol. It hinders increasing the spread of infection.

Method 2: Killing Loose Ticks On Pets And Outfit

Use A Pet Treatment: You can use an organic tick killer to prevent your beloved pets from tick-borne diseases. You may go for oral medicine to save other pets and kids. Because some tick killers contain harmful chemicals that are toxic to humans. Avoid using a chemical that includes organophosphate. It is very harmful to pets. You can have a try at fenoxycarb, tetrachlorvinphos, amitraz, permethrin, and propoxur.

Killing Ticks On Clothing: First, dry the outfits using a hot dryer. It will kill almost all germs. Then wash the clothes properly and let them completely dry.

Drizzle Clothes With Permethrin- Permethrin is safe for humans. To destroy the infectious germs, spray permethrin all over your outfits.

Drizzle the chemical on every corner of your outfit. But don’t apply the spray to cats as it is harmful to them.

Method 3: Extermination Of Tick Populations

Clean Your Yard: Ticks prefer moisture and shade to spread out. So, you have to clear the shady and moist areas of your yard to hinder their spread. For this, proper mowing of the yard is very effective.

Establish A Perimeter Around Woodlands: To protect your yard from any other infestation like ticks, you can create a border of wood around your land. The border should be 3-feet wide. It will then be difficult for any insects to enter your yard.

Spread Nematodes To Your Yard- Let’s kill ticks with their own species. It’s interesting. Nematodes are microscopic worms that you’ll find on various online platforms. It is being sold as a tick killer worldwide. The microscopic creatures are totally harmless to pets and humans. They don’t hamper plant growth.

Apply worms to your yard mixing them with water. You have to keep your yard wet for about 5-7 days to get worms fully established. Clean your yard properly before applying the method.

Apply Pesticides Carefully- Be careful about using pesticides in your yard or home. Some pesticides are made of harmful chemicals that are toxic to humans and animals. Before paying for a pesticide, be sure to check out the compounds it contains. You may take advice from experts or employ a licensed pesticide applier.

Add Guinea Fowl To Your Ranch- Guinea fowl can be a great way to kill ticks. It retreats and kills ticks. But people don’t use guinea fowl because it is somewhat noisy.

These are the 3 step-by-step methods on how to remove a tick from a child or pet. Obey the following steps properly if you want to get rid of ticks. Be careful when using a tick remover. Never pull off the ticks when detaching. Use a special tick remover or tweezers. It’s quite tough to do because ticks often leave contagious viri to your body. So be careful about that.

You may also have heard about how to remove a tick from a human without tweezers. You will get video links on YouTube about the topic. You may also use vaseline instead of tweezers.


Are you anxious about ticks wandering around your home and yard? Are you worried about tick-borne diseases? Are you eager to know how to get rid of ticks on your property? Alright! You can get your problems solved now.

We have reached here with the 3 best step-by-step techniques on how to remove and kill a tick. Do obey the instructions if you want a better result.

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