How To Clean A Weed Eater

How To Clean A Weed Eater

A weed eater is a commonly used gardening appliance you may own if you have a large lawn. There are various kinds of weed eaters to weed out your yard. Some available options include- powered, cordless, or even corded weed eaters. No matter which type you’re using, it’s crucial to well maintain the eater to get effective serves.

A well-maintained weed eater is a useful way to control the weeds of your lawn easily. Thus, the crucial aspect is that you need to know how to clean a weed eater for easier weed control. Proper care and maintenance of the weed eater can make it long-lasting. So, the aspect that must be obeyed is “cleaning”.

How To Clean A Weed Eater Step By Step

Before cleaning the weed eater you have to follow some steps as it is somewhat tricky to clean. Improper maintenance can cause damage to the machine. We often make a common mistake that we only spray water on it. Only water can’t make it properly cleaned consequently the weed eater can be damaged.

In that case, we are here with some of the safety precautions on how to maintain a weed Wacker with some easier steps. One thing to remember is that you should take care of yourself when cleaning as a small mistake may cause serious damage.

Some Of The Tips And Tricks To Follow While Cleaning Your Weed Eater:

Step 1: Disconnecting The Power Sources:

  • Disconnecting the power sources from the machine is the very first step to follow while cleaning. There are some power sources connected with the weed eater including electricity, batteries, gasoline, petrol, etc. Before cleaning it’s very important to disconnect all of the power sources.
  • If the machine remains powered by electricity, first unplug it from the electric forum.
  • If the weed eater is connected with batteries, then discard the batteries.
  • If your machine is powered by gasoline or petrol, clear the tank first. You should do this during shifting the tool into the storehouse.
  • If you are not shifting the tool, no need to empty the tank. You may watch videos of how to clean weed eater gas tanks.
  • Remember to turn off the machine before cleaning.

Step 2: Removing dirt:

  • After weeding out the lawn with a weed eater, it generally carries some dirt, debris, dust, or cut grasses with it. If you don’t clean the dirt properly, it can cake up and cause damage later. So, first, remove all the dirts with a brush. You may also use a clean wet cloth.
  • For caked debris, a stiff brush is very useful that properly cleans the wastes. Sometimes there remains stubborn debris that is tough to clean. You can follow a back and forth movement to properly clean the garbage. The movement loosens the particles and helps the cleaning process.
  • Sometimes you need additional force to apply before cleaning for persistent debris. For this, you can use soapy warm water. Drop the brush into the soapy water and finely clean the machine. Rub the handles and deck of the weed eater with a stiff brush. After washing, let it properly dry. It may take 10-20 minutes. If you leave it wet and move it to the storage, it will cause more damage and rust.

Step 3: Cleaning the filter:

  • It is very important to clean the filter. But when should you clean the filter? In general, you need to wash the filter after 10 hours of use of weed eater. The filter remains in a cover. So, first, discard the filter from the cover. Then rinse the filter with soapy water. Let it dry for a while. Drip motor oil into the filter and keep it in its place. Keep in mind to shut down the cover.

Step 4: Cleaning The Fuel Arrestor:

  • It’s the fourth step of cleaning weed eater. When will you need to clean the fuel arrestor? It generally needs to clean after 25 hours of use in total. You need to use a carbon cleaner and a wire brush for washing the fuel arrestor. Keep it to the exact place after cleaning.

Step 5: Cleaning The Spark Plug:

  • If your weed eater is powered by gasoline, you have to clean the spark plug. Eliminate the energy plug with the help of a socket twist. To clean the dirt and debris you can use a brake cleaner. If you notice that the top of the spark plug turns black, it’s time to replace it. If not, you can set it back to the exact position.

Step 6: Reconnect The Power Sources:

  • After all the cleaning process is finished, its time to reconnect the power sources again. Before shifting the weed eater to the storage, discard the battery and keep the fuel tank empty.

These are the 6 easy steps and instructions on how to clean an electric weed wacker or eater. Follow the instructions step to step for a better experience. If you’re worried about your weed eater cleaning process, this article is made for you.

Hopefully, you’ll be benefited if you follow the steps. But keep in mind, cleaning weed eaters is a tricky task. If you make a simple mistake, you can get injured. That’s because a weed eater is powered by electric sources. So, always be careful.


If you’re facing a problem with your wrecked weed eater, come on here so that you’re going to know the cleaning process helpful for your machine. When we face problems we go to the repair shops immediately. It often costs more. But when we are getting the solution only following some steps, there is no need to waste money.

Proper cleaning of the weed eater can be an effective way to protect it from damage. Here, you have talked about how to clean a weed eater in 6 easy steps. Obey the teachings for a better result.

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