Best Grass Seed For Long Island

Best Grass Seed For Long Island

A dark green, carpet-like lawn or landscape is obviously everyone’s dream thing to have. A grass lawn can increase the beauty of your house, office, or building a thousand times better. Everyone likes a beautiful lawn.

But building a lawn is not an easy thing to have overnight. It requires a lot of investment, labor, and maintenance. Everything has to be perfect. You have to choose the best type of grass seed with the best caring, several pieces of equipment, and a site where you will build a beautiful lawn.

Among these things, the main and most important part is to choose a grass seed that is suitable for your lawn and climate. Because not every seed or grass variety is perfect, nor do they thrive in a random environment. Moreover, if the suitable seed is planted, then chances are you will have the desired success most of the time.

Long Island’s environment is, as usual, very distinctive from other regions in the United States. So you have to choose grass seed very carefully. In this article, I have described the 5 best grass seeds, especially for Long Island. I have also described several other things, including how to grow grass seeds perfectly, take care of them, several other alternatives, when to plant grass seed in Long Island, and many more.

So, keep reading the full article to get the complete guidelines for planting grass seed in Long Island.

The Top Choices at a Glance:


Scotts EZ Seed Repair Sun and Shade for Grass

Scotts EZ Seed Repair Sun and Shade for Grass is the best grass seed mixes that are mostly used in patching lawns.


Survival Garden NonGMO Heirloom Grass Seed

Survival Garden Non-GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds, Which is full of 32 vegetables that are very popular in the US.


Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed

Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed Mixes is suggested to tide over more delicate grass over the winter season.


Pennington Smart Shade Grass Seed & Fertilizer Mix

This Pennington Smart grass seed mix is best combination of Fine fescue and Tall Fescue that thrives very well.


Southland Sod 4 Marathon II Grass Seed Mix

Southland Turf 4 Marathon II Grass Seed Mix will certainly cover concerning 500 square feet of grass with this wonderful variant grasses.


What Is The Grass Seed For Long Island

There are considerable differences in weather and climate between every state and city in the United States. If you live in Long Island, you will find that its temperature fluctuates over different seasons.

It can rise very high, like more than 30 degrees Celsius or more in summer, and fall below -10 degrees celsius in winter. Furthermore, you will find cyclones and hurricanes occurring every couple of years.

You can also see on the below graph that a significant amount of snowfall is happening over the year. That thing is one of the major concerns while choosing the best seeds for your lawn.

In this situation, you cannot choose a seed type that is used only in cold areas or only in hot spots. You will finally end up wasting money, energy, and your precious time. So what to do? Well, you have to get a seed mix that is perfect and well adjusted with your region or locality.

In this case, you have to find a grass seed mix that is best for a long island. So read through the article so that you can find what you are looking for.

Best Type Of Grass Seed For Long Island

There are lots of variations that you will notice while choosing the best type of grass seed. But all of them are not suitable for Long Island because Long Island has its own climate characteristics, and so do the grasses too.

Some grasses grow well in shady areas while others cannot. Some grasses can grow in high drought situations, but others cannot. There are other things like soil quality, nutrition requirements,  maintenance requirements, germination conditions, moisture level, and many more that should be taken into significant consideration because the success of the final goal depends on it.

Long Island is a very shiny region with minimal shade. Sun gives direct light most of the time of the day. However, the temperature falls slightly in winter and rises in summer. Additionally, there are lots of rains, and thus no drought is found. But there are snowfalls to make you worry a little bit.  However, Relying upon this information, I have chosen these three grass varieties that will grow and survive very well in Long Island with its green vibe.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass or Poa pratensis is the primary top-quality turfgrass in northern environments for sports and yards grass. When effectively taken care of, it can supply a thick, highly textured yard that includes considerably to the total photo and worth of the landscape.

It adjusts nicely to well-drained, moist, fertile soils with a pH in the near-neutral range of 6.4-6.9. It is a seasonal type that produces roots (underground lateral stems), allowing bluegrass to grow a thick mat and green.

Kentucky bluegrass is the constituent of many green yards. The area which is getting full sun with routine fertilization is the most effective. Usually, 40-90 days are needed to develop a thick yard from seed.

A few of the enhanced perennial ryegrasses are quite suitable with bluegrass. This provides the yard with higher drought, wear, and illness tolerances. Typically, Bluegrasses aren’t shade tolerant. When choosing grass for a dubious website, this needs to be taken into consideration.

Tall and fine fescues are more adjusted to these situations. Bluegrass (shade-tolerant diversities) can be combined with fine fescues to supply a preferable yard under shade. Bluegrasses can be integrated by utilizing three or more diversities. It is constantly a fair practice to use more than one diversity (or variety) of grass in the seed mixture.

Perennial Ryegrass

This variety has been enhanced through plant breeding and choice and is preferable for house yards and sports grass locations. There are numerous types of perennial ryegrasses that equal Kentucky bluegrass in total look.

Excellent colder early spring or late fall is among the strengths of this kind of grass. In addition to that, they have exceptional wear tolerance with great drought tolerance. They are most effective when they get routine care, including well-drained, fertile, and full sun websites.

Soil pH must remain in the 6.4-6.7 limit. A medium level of upkeep is needed. Perennial ryegrass is a bunch type grass that doesn’t spread out like the bluegrass. Each vine gets thicker from the base with side shoots called tillers. Bare areas have actually to be overseeded but will not fill unless they are little.

Seeds germinate extremely rapidly, generally in 6-10 days under perfect conditions, and are developed in 3-5 weeks or less. A mixture of ryegrass and bluegrass is an advised mix. When overseeding or beginning a new yard, seed blends that consist of endophytes need to be utilized if possible.

Tall Fescue Grass

Turf-type tall fescue has actually gotten in appeal in the last numerous years. Formerly, they were not utilized in yard locations because of coarse blades, broadleaf which were not aesthetically appealing nor simple to cut. Significant breeding efforts have actually produced high fescues that compare positively with high upkeep.

High fescues are deep-rooted and endure drought conditions much better than much of the other yard grasses. They are wearing tolerant and are suggested for high-traffic locations. Full sun is chosen. However, they can endure a large range of land conditions and endure light shade.

Soil pH of 6.4+ is suggested. Tall fescue is a lot of grass, and for that reason, bare and thin locations need to be reseeded (overseeded) to complete. These grasses grow relatively quickly and might need to be cut more frequently than other grasses. Routine is not normally combined with or planted with various types of grasses due to the fact that their development. Rather, 2-4 diversities of high fescues are utilized in the mix.

They germinate relatively quickly in 8-14 days and ought to be developed in 3-5 weeks. The Seed must be planted in late summertime to early fall. High fescue undergoes winter kill in colder environments. However, this is hardly ever an issue on Long Island. When acquiring Seed, look for these diversities that have endophytes.

Best Grass Seed For Long Island Reviews 2021

I have been researching for a couple of years on suitable grass varieties depending on the geographical location. People often get confused on the hard way of doing that while purchasing grass seeds for their lawn, landscape, or yards.

So I have gathered 5 top grass seed mix lists for you. I have considered the geographical location, daylight time, climate, snowfall, natural disasters like floods or winds, working purpose, seed goal, manufactures popularity, and obviously the quality and premiumness of the seed.

If you are wondering about seed mix, then you should know that seed mix contains more than one type of seed. It helps make thicker, green turf in all seasons, whether cold or hot, drought or rain. That is because each type of grass can tolerate a particular weather condition.

I think you will find the best one for your working area. Read the full review if you want to know how to seed and take care of it to get the maximum germination rate.

1. Scotts EZ Seed Patch, Repair Sun and Shade for Grass

Scotts EZ Seed Patch, Repair Sun and Shade for Grass

The first recommendation is from the worldwide famous manufacturer Sotts. Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade for Grass is one of the best grass seed mixes that is mostly used in patching lawns from the high sun to shady areas.

While this Scotts product is developed especially for Long Island landscaping but does not let the name moron you, it’ll most likely perform simply outstanding on nearly every landscaping. It’s a good mix of several Fescue grass varieties that will grow thick and abundant in shade or sunshine.

These seeds are covered in Scott’s unique WaterSmart Plus innovation technology that covers the seed in moisture-retaining products and feeds to make certain your landscaping leaves a great start.

Simply drip it down, spray water, and in 21-28 days, the outcomes must be turning up all over the landscaping. This is a summer-season grass, so it’s best to let this thrive between mid-July to August and endure the summer season to have a green, lush lawn.

This is a distinct Scotts innovation that coats plants in products that feed seedlings, keeps water, and keeps the little grass disease-free by having a fungicide. The outcome is the grass that develops taller, is more drought-resistant as well as shade resistant, and eventually leads to much better landscaping.

Scott’s exclusive fertilizer control release helps seedlings thrive better than ever. It releases fertilizer slowly depending on the seedling’s absorption capacity that ensures maximum germination.

A 10-pound pack is available at a favorable rate that lets property owners cover a great deal of ground without investing a lot. Plus, it’s Scotts, which indicates it’s a quality item that, although it was developed with Pennsylvania landscaping in mind, must discover broad applications in landscaping worldwide.


  1. Best for Patch and Repairing lawn in high traffic area.
  2. Grows well in both sun and shade.
  3. Built-in fertilizer with exclusive controlled release technology.
  4. The Tackifier method helps keep the seed from washing away.
  5. Disease resistance.
  6. Absorbs six times more mulch of its weight that makes a protective layer.


  1. Do not spread or reproduce.
  2. Not suitable for hydroseeder

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2. Survival Garden Non-GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

Survival Garden Non-GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

If you are done with grass yet still desire something eco-friendly as well as fresh to cover the landscaping. Well, several garden enthusiasts are considering vegetables as a great replacement. So I have picked the Survival Garden 15,000 Non-GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden that is full of 32 vegetables that are highly popular in the United States.

Currently, there is no question that vegetables will certainly take control of landscaping in no time at all. As well as if you are actually taking into consideration an alternative choice, this is indeed the simplest method to go. The vegetables include little or no treatment. This eco-friendly landscaping cover is a very easy choice for anybody not curious about the grass.

Moreover, you will get fresh, healthy food for your family. A medium-size lawn with vegetables can cover more than ten families’ daily needs. So you can have some money as well that you can use as the maintenance cost of your vegetable garden. One more thing, if you like vegetable gardening as your hobby, then this will be one of the best choices to make.

It is a cool-season landscaping cover, yet with a great deal of humidity as well as a little treatment, this sturdy clover needs to turn up practically anywhere. These vegetable seeds germinate in two weeks as well as are covered with a unique NitroCoast cover that preserves humidity as well as assists the plants grow swiftly as well as successfully.

Pretty cheap for a 1500 seed piece bag. The vegetables will quickly cover all over a lawn and yield plenty of green, fresh vegetables.


  1. The best alternative is a grass lawn.
  2. Include 32 types of vegetable seeds.
  3. Seeds are non-GMO, non-hybrid, and Hairmlome.
  4. Grows best in cold and winter environments that are suitable for the Long Island climate.
  5. Suitable for almost all hardiness zones in the USA.


  1. Requires more care and maintenance.

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3. Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed Mix

Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed Mix

Next is a special item on our lineup suggested being sown and developed starting in June. Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed Mixes is suggested to tide over more delicate grass over the winter season.

This particular grass seed is manufactured from a special mix of components, consisting of seven types of grass seed that include 29.70% of Dakota Tall Fescue, 29.65% of Taos Tall Fescue, 19.75% of Tombstone Tall Fescue, 9.85% of Blue-tastic Kentucky Bluegrass, and 9.83% of Frontier’ Perennial Ryegrass.

That suggests that every seed, in the beginning, is going to germinate no matter the situation. It’s practical as a yard supplement; however, it can likewise stand alone as well as do any yard warrior proud.

This mixture of grasses is implied to supply cover and defense for your yard over the winter season and endure and even prosper in the cooler winter season.

It grows well even if the sun gets down in the sky as it is shade resistant as well as drought-resistant, so simply plant it and then let nature take its care. These grasses are particularly created to enter the ground prior to the winter season.

This suggests that this rapid-growing grass will perform great to repair high traffic locations or merely locations where summertime grass didn’t capture. Lay it down during the fall and then let it do its duty over the winter season, and come spring and summer season, a complete yard waits for it.

This can be found at a mid-range rate for a 7-pound bag of seed. However, these are difficult, durable things and a vibrant mix of 7 various seeds that offer cover and defense for delicate yards over the winter season.

It can be found useful in troubled areas where absolutely nothing appears to grow. There’s extremely little soil preparation, so this is a terrific alternative if looking after the yard is a year-round affair.


  1. 7 lb bag can cover up to 2800 square feet of landscape.
  2. Include 7 types of grass that guarantee seed germination no matter what the situation is.
  3. Best for clay and sandy soil.
  4. Grows well under full or partial sun.
  5. The invisible waxy coating prevents disease and retains moisturizer for a longer duration.
  6. Contains grass that is insect resistant by nature.


  1. Require more water supply than usual to germinate properly.
  2. Expensive and rare.

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4. Pennington Smart Shade Grass Seed and Fertilizer Mix

Pennington Smart Shade Grass Seed and Fertilizer Mix

The next one from the list is the popular Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Grass Seed and Fertilizer Mix. This Long Island grass seed mix is the best combination of Fine fescue and Tall Fescue that thrives very well in a shady area.

The Pennington is manufactured as an especially weed-free mixture of grass that will thrive lavishly and thickly, maintain weeds off, and need much less watering than several other access on this listing. This seven-pound pack can cover around four thousand square feet of the area as well as expand thick to increase coverage as well as decrease weeds.

The unique Pennington formula suggests that much less water goes into a much longer method. And also, taking into consideration the quantity of water required to germinate on a few of the various other seed family members on this checklist, that might imply 35 percent much less water, which’s absolutely nothing to worry about. The deep, thick root is the reason which additionally makes this a specifically durable grass mix.

Pennington covers its seed in a reliable antifungal that needs to maintain your seed risk-free in its earliest weeks. It consists of a development energizer that ought to additionally obtain the grass up and expand quicker and much healthier.

A seven-pound pack may appear a little bit expensive. Still, when you think about Pennington, the cash’s well invested is virtually assured to expand promptly, develop deep seedbeds, expand strongly as well as swiftly, as well as swiftly cover any type of bare spots that have a tendency to turn up in every yard periodically.


  1. Contains two high-quality grass seeds.
  2. Requires 30% less water for its Penkoted Technology.
  3. Covers up t0 1600 square feet of area.
  4. Best for a shady area that means 2-6 hours of sun is enough.
  5. Best For High Traffic area.
  6. Can prevent common grass disease.
  7. Prevents weed from thriving.


  1. Cannot cope with intense heat.
  2. The germination rate is low due to shady areas.

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5. Southland Sod 4 Marathon II Grass Seed Mix – 5 Pounds

Southland Sod 4 Marathon II Grass Seed Mix - 5 Pounds

This time, we’re suggesting Southland Sod 4 Marathon II Grass Seed Mix not only for the grass but also for the price tag as well as the worth if there’s merely a massive quantity of land that requires covering with a steady, stunning grass, once it starts, is most likely to linger and also make possessing the best yard simply a little bit much easier than for any kind of next-door neighbors that are additionally chasing after yard excellence. It is a fine-bladed grass with greater than a passing similarity to Kentucky Bluegrass with great blades.

This seed mix is developed to flourish in almost every type of soil conceivable. It is versatile like that as well as will certainly settle in sandy or badly drained pipes soil with equivalent interest. Not just that, yet it’s created to settle in both alkali as well as acidic soil, which takes a great deal of the uncertainty out of preparing any type of yard. This seed is created for optimum durability, which indicates it can endure drought or much less than straight sunshine.

The deep root system makes whatever feasible. Its resistance, versatility, as well as resistance to drought all, originated from the truth that this grass grows its roots deeply right into any type of soil it enters into contact with. That implies it is not just excellent for disintegration control; however likewise that the much deeper those roots reach, the harder the grass is.

A great deal of seed for the price tags this 5-pound bag of Southland Turf 4 Marathon II Grass Seed Mix will certainly cover concerning 500 square feet of grass with this wonderful variant grasses. Include its climate resistance both for cold and heat, and also I am describing a grass seed for the ages which is ensured to stand several of the most awful penalties nature can give out.


  1. Best for a beautiful, deep green lawn.
  2. Grows well in winter and cold climate.
  3. Include Tall Fescue grass.
  4. Lower mowing height and better texture.
  5. Disease resistance.
  6. Premium quality.


  1. Not suitable for summer or hot areas.

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Best Time To Plant Grass Seed In Long Island

Seeding is the simplest as well as the least expensive method to build new landscaping.  But you have to choose the best time in order to avoid the winter and maximize the seed germination rate. That is because grass seed grows well in summer. On the contrary, it doesn’t in winter.

By analyzing the Long Island Climate Data, I found that the very best time to seed any warm-season grass is between June and August, allowing a complete thriving season prior to winter. In this time, the temperature remains between 10-degree celsius to 30 degree celsius. Before and after this month’s temperature falls. Meanwhile, there is no snowfall between June to August that makes it the perfect time to plant grass seed.

Seeding your landscaping can be a lot more economical than planting turf. However, it depends upon which turfgrass you pick. Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and also Turf Grass are the very best selections if you wish to begin landscaping from seed.

For ideal outcomes, the website requires to be ready correctly prior to planting. Ensure that you have selected an excellent quality seed variety that is ideal for your location as well as the website. Eliminate weeds as well as plants along with level the soil as well as loosen up. Function the seed right into the ground and also cover with sand or an additional item, such as hay. Seeding prices differ with many types and also cultivars of grass. Maintain freshly seeded locations damp, and also use plant food just after the seed starts to expand.

How to Choose The Best Grass Seed For Long Island

Choosing the best grass seed is very important if you don’t want to fail or get into any kind of further trouble. In this case, you have to be careful about several things like grass varieties, r grass types, growing environment, and hardiness zone, disease resistance etc. Continue reading to know about these factors.

Grass Type and Varieties:

Your initial action is to determine what type of grass you desire to expand if you are going to buy grass seed. There are thousands of kinds of grass offered today on the marketplace.

Simply ensure that no matter what grass you pick to expand appropriately for the weather you live in. For example, hot peppers prosper in cozy settings yet are not likely to expand well in the freezing Northeast. You can make use of “hardiness zone” knowledge to exercise, which grass will certainly prosper in your area.

Now, you will require choosing varieties as soon as you’ve determined which kinds of Grass seeds to expand. Grass varieties are basically subtypes of grass that might have various forms, shades, and also feelings from what you’re made use of to purchase the shop.

Hardiness zones:

You can make use of hardiness zones to assist you in making a decision on which Grass seeds to grow. Every portion of the globe is designated a unique hardiness zone ranging from 1a to 13b. It depends on the typical temperature level and also the size of the expanding season. A lot of the US is someplace in between zone 3 as well as zone 9.

The greater the number, the more delayed the expanding season, as well as the bigger variety of plants you can expand. You would certainly be hard-pressed to expand okra effectively in zone 3, whereas it is most likely to thrive in zone 9. Prior to determining what to expand, learn which hardiness zone you reside in and which grass will expand most efficiently.


You’ll require to begin with natural seeds if you desire to expand absolutely natural grass. Utilizing routine seeds as well as expanding them utilizing natural techniques is practically as excellent.


Some grasses are reproduced uniquely for their resistance to specific typical illnesses. Selecting disease-resistant varieties can aid in preventing this.


Grass seeds differ in cost depending upon the kind as well as a variety of grass, in addition to the number of seeds you enter a pack. You can use less than $10 for a solitary package of seeds or as high as $200 for a huge collection of seeds having 30-plus Grass-types and also varieties.


Look for non-GMO seeds if you desire to stay clear of consuming genetically customized microorganisms (GMO). GMO foods aren’t always harmful. GMO seeds can be customized to generate sterilized plants and also are commonly connected with huge, morally unhealthy firms.

Frequently Asked Question

How frequently should I water my grass seed?

This relies on a variety of variables, consisting of the moment of the year, the temperature level, the Grass variety, the quantity of rains, and also whether your grass is grown or not. Generally, summertime grass requires far more watering than winter months plants. In the elevation of summertime, you might require watering your grass two times a day, whereas wintertime plants just require sprinkling after ten days without rainfall. Search for a suitable watering routine for the grass that you select to expand.

When Should I Plant Grass Seed In Long Island?

The warmer periods are optimum for planting grass in Long Island, so prepare for the upcoming springtime and summertime to assist your grass in expanding healthy and balanced, and solid prior to wintertime. Your young grass will likely pass away in the winter months if you live in North Long Island and plant in the late summer. Those living in Central, as well as South Long Island, might escape planting throughout the year. However, comply with the directions for the particular grass you select.

When Should I Oversee My Turf In Long Island?

Overseeding is ideally done in October as well as November if you live in North Long Island. Turf overseeding in Central Long Island can be made from September to December. For South Long Island house owners, overseeding is ideally matched in frost-free locations. Also, it’s best to wait until temperature levels in the daytime remain in the lower to mid 65’s Fahrenheit.

Does Grass Grow All the Year On Long Island?

The right response is: it depends upon which part of Long Island you stay in. Grass development depends upon temperature levels and also the size of daytime. In North Long Island, grass does not usually expand in the cooler periods. For Central and also South Long Island, the climate condition is a little bit much less significant in the cooler periods, so it relies on the sort of grass you intend to contribute to your turf.

Final Words

The three principles of planting grass are to remember if you are going to make a lawn. That is to choose high-quality seed, choose the best time, and take good care of it. Thus you will get the most impressive outcome.

So choose a seed mix from the suggestion, get ready for your soil, and plant the seed as soon as the ideal time comes. You can start growing from May until late September, too, if you are an early grower or late. But in that case, you will need intensive care.

If you have any queries regarding choosing and planting grass seed in Long Island, leave a comment below. I will definitely reach you in time. Any further suggestion is warmly accepted.

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