How To Change Nozzle On Rainbird 5000

how to change nozzle on rainbird 5000

A sprinkler head plays a vital role to spray water in the lawn or garden effortlessly. But before getting intermittent water through the sprinkler head, you should set the head’s nozzle accurately. Or, if you have rainbird 5000 model sprinkler heads, you need to change the nozzle when it gets old. By reading this, you can learn how to change nozzles on rainbird 5000 successfully and with less time.

If you need high efficiency spray heads and nozzles, you can choose the rainbird 5000 series. It is the perfect sprinkler head to irrigate your large lawn or garden. But It is very important to change the nozzle perfectly. As a result, you will get uninterrupted water. It is also spontaneous to keep the water flowing properly if the nozzle fits properly. So, you need to know how to replace rain bird sprinkler head nozzles hassle-free.

Step-by-step guides on how to change nozzle on rainbird 5000

Changing nozzles after a few days of the sprinkler is important. If you already have a nozzle but it gets old, you need to replace it. In this case, you need to read the rainbird 5000 nozzle instructions with full concentration. Here you can find the best guides on how to change nozzles on rain bird 5000.

Well, different kinds of sprinklers come with different types of nozzles. The adjustment of nozzles depends on several factors. If you have a large lawn or garden, you need more water at a time. In this case, you should loosen the nozzles.

But if you don’t want to get high-pressurized water flow, you need to tighten the nozzles by rotating the rainbird 5000 diffuser screw to the left. Here is the process of how you can replace the nozzles successfully.

  • Close the old nozzles

To get perfect irrigation, you need to replace the old nozzles after every or every 2 months. Because when the nozzles get old, you can’t get the right irrigation. You can use a blow dryer here to remove the old nozzles. Or you can pour some hot water over it to loosen the nozzles.

  • Remove the filter screen

When the nozzles get old, then the filtration system gets damaged. For this reason, it can’t spray the water with maximusm flow rate. In addition, water gets stuck at one place and it hampers overflowing. So, at this moment, you need to remove the filter screen that is located beneath the nozzle. Here you need to remove the nozzle first using a flat-headed screwdriver. The rainbird comes with a diffuser screw. But before removing the filter screen, remember to check the rain bird nozzle chart diligently. Also, you can get a rainbird 5000 adjustment diagram in the box.

  • Insert latest filter screen

Inserting a new filter screen in the sprinkler heads is necessary to get intermittent watering for your lawn. Here you need to take a spray head pull up tool and a cup of hot slightly hot water. Now, take a sprinkler head tool like a screwdriver and pull up the screwdriver. After that, grab the tools tightly and squeeze the handles.

Now, pull up the nozzle that allows it to grab the stem of the head and clamp it using the tool. Then, loosen the nozzle by using your hand and take off the nozzle. After that, you’ll find the filter screen. Pull the filter out and clean the filter screen using clean water. After completing the cleaning process, insert the filter screen into the stem.

  • Tighten or loosen the nozzle

After inserting the nozzle and new filter screen on the , you need to tighten the nozzle. To do this, you have to take a screwdriver. If you need overflow of the water then turn the nozzle anti-clockwise. But if you have a small garden or lawn, you don’t need overflow of the water. In this regard, you need to rotate the nozzle clockwise.

  • Adjust the watering direction correctly

After replacing the nozzle, now you need to adjust the watering direction accurately. You can adjust the watering direction by rotating the stem using your hand. If you’re experiencing spray head throws the water in a shorter distance that you need to increase the arc radius. You can do it by rotating the screw to the left.

  • Adjust the spray distance

To set the spray distance as your preference, you need to turn the small screw using a flat-headed screwdriver. You can see the screw in the center of the sprinkler heads. If you want to reduce the pressure of the water and spray distance, turn the screw to the left. By doing this, you can decrease more than 25% spray distance.

  • Set the angle accurately

The rain bird spray heads come with a 360 degree rotating angle. You can change the pattern effortlessly. If you need a 90 degree watering angle, you need to rotate the heads right. You can change the angle by rotating the threaded collar right to left.

General FAQs:

How do you change a Rainbird nozzle?

First of all, you need to remove the old nozzle. Then, remove the filter screen with a flat-headed screwdriver. Now, clamp the sprinkler body with a screwdriver and loosen the nozzle using your hand. Then pull the filter screen and clean it with water.

How to disassemble and clean the filter on rainbirds?

Turn off the water if it sprays. Then start rotating the top of the sprinkler anti-clockwise. When you feel the sprinkler head loosen stop rotating. Then turn the top position clockwise. After that, turn the whole upper part of the sprinkler to the left.

What size sprinkler nozzle do I need?

To get most water through the sprinkler heads, you need ½ size nozzle. It is a standard-sized nozzle if you want to reduce the radius by ⅓.


Watering your lawn or garden is indispensable. If you water your lawn perfectly, your lawn’s plants will be fresh and healthy. The Rain Bird rotary sprinkler head works smoothly when watering the plants. If you have a rotary head, you need to change the nozzles after a few days. So, you must learn the basics of how to change nozzles on rain bird 5000. After doing this, you can get proper irrigation.

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