Best Fertilizer For Zoysia Grass

best fertilizer for zoysia grass

Zoysia grass is the best quality grass for green lawn. It requires fertilizer that makes the green lawn make happen. Zoysia grass is a kind of grass that needs proper care and better breeding to fill the lawn with greenery. Finding the right fertilizer is difficult for this grass. But why? There are several types of brands in stores, but we will go through the selected brands and find the right one.

As we are working in the industry, we have the related knowledge to pick the right products from the stores. Being a new person in the industry, you may be misguided and can pick any wrong product. So, carry on with us as we can show you the right products from where you can pick the actual one that you can use on your lawn.

Why will you need Zoysia grass fertilizer for your lawn? Actually, Zoysia grass needs proper care to grow, so when you are trying to grow it you need to use fertilizer. With proper fertilizer, it will grow well and you will enjoy a mind soothing green lawn. In this article, we will show you the best products in the market, as you can pick the right one. Just stay with us.

The Top Choices at a Glance:

Here I have listed the 5 best fertilizers for Zoysia grass from different types of industry & functions.

  1. Advanced Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer Spray
  2. Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer for New Grass
  3. Scotts Turf Builder Bonus S Southern Weed & Feed
  4. Commercial Grade Grass Booster Lawn Fertilizer
  5. Quality Liquid Spray For Grass Growth & Lawn Fertilizer

What Is The Fertilizer For Zoysia Grass

As we have discussed, zoysia grass needs fertilizer. It grows with proper care and maintenance. We need the appropriate type of fertilizer that will keep the grass growing. There is a circle of 50-60 days to apply fertilizer to the lawn, you can follow that also. As it will make the zoysia grass grow better and will make a green lawn. Generally, what does this fertilizer do? We will discuss this crucial question too.

Fertilizer is applied to plants for growing. But for grass that is a little bit odd. Zoysia is a kind of grass that needs to be grown with care, where you will definitely need fertilizer as food. There are special types of fertilizer made for Zoysia grass that are available in stores. There are various types of varieties but we need to be wise to get the right type of fertilizer. That is one important discussion we will do in this article.

We need to use better fertilizer for better growth. When we will use the fertilizer for zoysia grass, we will get a green lawn in front of our house. These fertilizers are combined of different types of materials that are good food for grasses. In a few cases, you will need to apply nitrogen and phosphorus to the lawn too for better growing. They need the right potion to grow good grasses. With proper maintenance and care, the lawn can become an ideal one.

When To Fertilize Zoysia Grass

There are different types of maintenance the grass needs. First when we plant the grasses, we need proper sunlight on the earth. In some shady places, it also grows but the place should be prepared before grass grows. Watering is also necessary for making the land moist, then you can plant the grasses there. Basically it needs rainfall, but we can water every week to keep the land moist instead of that.

Before planting we need to fertilize the land, then it will be ready for planting grasses. Then we will have to regularly water the land every week. After each 50-60 days we have to fertilize the land again. When the grasses start to grow, then you have to mow them on a regular basis. Every week you mow them to keep them on a specific size. Then the grass will be growing well and you will get a green lawn.

So, according to the discussion fertilizer is a necessary element for grass growing. We need to use it before planting  and after 50-60 days. Then this fertilizer can become a potion to grow a green lawn. We have to know the proper technique and utilize it on exact time.

5 Best Fertilizer For Zoysia Grass 2021

1. Advanced Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer Spray

Advanced Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer Spray

When you have a lawn full of grasses, you will need this fertilizer that will make your grasses grow faster and lovely. It increases both vertical and lateral growth that is awesome. It is equipped with an advanced humic and fulvic acid formula that is perfect for new seeding. You can use it for the first time on the lawn to start the grass growing fast, and to get started seeding.

This one is powered by nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer, you will get more green grasses in your lawn this time. It will also attract your attention with its ready to use hose sprayer. You can directly use it on the lawn. When you see there are deficiency in grasses, use it, it will fix all issues in your grasses and you will find an awesome lawn again. You can use this not only for Zoysia but also all other good quality grasses.

This awesome product is manufactured in the USA and the concerned business has been running for the last 25 years. They have a good industry reputation. You can apply this fertilizer without any hassle, you will get the best results from it. As it is also a best seller product in the stores, you can grab your piece now.

Key Features:

  • Advanced formula
  • Improved seeding
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer
  • Meet nutrient deficiency


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth application
  • Hose sprayer
  • Lawn repair


  • In few cases, weeds may also grow with grasses

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2. Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer for New Grass

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer for New Grass

This is another excellent fertilizer that will grow your grasses with less efforts. These are improved formulas that will make the lawns green, more growth and better quality in grasses. It makes the grasses 70% thicker, and it makes grass grow 35% faster.  You will be amazed to know that this gives excellent results for seedlings. It makes grass plugs grow faster.

The fertilizer ratio is comparatively excellent than others, it is 24-25-4 which is a nutrient fertilizer for zoysia grasses. Even the other types of grasses are perfectly grown with this fertilizer. From a new lawn to a regular lawn, you can use this one just closing your eyes. You will get it in your nearest stores but for some complaicay, it is not available in Florida.

You can use it having no doubt, this is an excellent potion for your lawn that you can apply anytime. Generally the fertilizing time is after each 50-60 days, you can do that by yourself. This is easy to apply for its hose and sprayer and easy to grow grasses in your lawn eventually.

Key Features:

  • Improved formula
  • Makes 70% thick grass
  • Makes 35% quick green
  • Safe for grasses


  • Easy to apply
  • Fast results
  • Nutrient friendly
  • Good for grass plugs


  • Not available in Florida

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3. Scotts Turf Builder Bonus S Southern Weed & Feed

Scotts Turf Builder Bonus S Southern Weed & Feed

This superb formula feeds the grasses and kills weeds, clover and other lawn weeds. This is a combined fertilizer that makes our lawn grasses longer and greener. When we use any kind of fertilizer, they only provide feeding to the lawn, but we are never aware of the weeds.

This is one kind of herbicide, that gives necessary potion to the grasses and kills weeds around. It makes our grasses strong and heat resistant. But this fertilizer is not suitable for all kinds of grasses, as such Bermudagrass. You can use it on some specific kinds, you check the specification of the fertilizer while buying.

This is a limited editing fertilizer that is available in some selected states of the USA. So, you have to check the stock too. When you are buying online, then  check that it is available in your state or not as few of the products are not sold in all state. On the other hand, check the grass type as it supports them or not. You can find this awesome fertilizer around you and it will be the best option for you.

Key Features:

  • Makes grasses stronger
  • Kills weeds and clover
  • Heat protective
  • Drought Protective


  • Easy to apply
  • Kills weeds
  • Easy to use
  • Better features


  • Not available in all states of USA and not suitable for all grasses

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4. Commercial Grade Grass Booster Lawn Fertilizer

Commercial Grade Grass Booster Lawn Fertilizer

This is a commercial grade fertilizer that is awesome to use on your lawn. It is made with liquid iron, nitrogen, and micronutrient blend that will give the necessary potion to your grasses. This is a perfect type of fertilizer for zoysia that will make the lawn greener and stronger. This comes with ready to use hose and spray.

Due to its commercial feature, you can cover around 3200 sq ft area with this. It comes with high quality nutrients as it will make the lawn suitable for an ideal lawn. On the other hand, it is suitable for different types of grasses, as it is a  complete potion for your lawn. It is manufactured in the USA, with compliance to keep all US standards in the product and services.

You will be happy to know that they have been doing the same business for the last 25 years, that means they are known to the business dimension and the needs of the market. You will find it an exact match for your lawn and can use it unconditionally.

Key Feature:

  • Nutritional blend
  • Lan energizer
  • Commercial Grade
  • For all grasses


  • Easy to apply
  • High quality nutrient
  • Makes grass green
  • USA made


  • In some cases, it may also feed the weed too.

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5. Quality Liquid Spray For Grass Growth & Lawn Fertilizer

Quality Liquid Spray For Grass Growth & Lawn Fertilizer

This is another simple solution for your green lawn. It will ensure your vertical and lateral growth in a short time. It comes with advanced humic and fulvic acid formula which is perfect for seeding and new farming. On the other hand, this is a commercial lawn growth boosting formula that will make you lawn into a green scenery.

It comes in a readymade hose and sprayer that is easy to apply. You can use it on nutrient deficiency. For new lawn or any kind of lawn repair project you can use this simple solution. You can use it for any kind of lawn grass, so there is no limitation but use it wisely.

This awesome product is planned and produced in the USA. It comes with all standard manufacturing quality standards. They have been involved in the fertilizer business for the last 25 years, so their production is based on experience. Let’s use this in your project without any trouble. This could be an all time solution for you.

Key Feature:

  • Increase growth
  • Humic and fulvic acid formula
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer
  • For nutrient deficiency


  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to use
  • Makes green grass
  • For all kinds of grass


  • Does not take care of weeds.

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What Type Of Fertilizer For Zoysia Grass

Today we will discuss what type of fertilizer is needed for zoysia grass. Generally, in warmer climates, zoysia grass is better for winter months and based on weather we have to apply fertilizer. When the grass is dormant, we should not fertilize the grass. There was research done in a Missouri botanical garden on Zoysia grass and they have shared a lot of things with us. When cooler weather continues it can be more effective. Then different types of damage is there, we will maintain the grasses with fertilizer in the meantime.

Generally, regular maintenance fertilizer should be given in spring. When there is 50% green grass, we should be using fertilizer to make up the gaps. In the US, we have to apply fertilizers between March and May.

In summer, we need to take care of our lawns. We need to make the grass green. For that, we have to choose our fertilizer properly. Some are complete potions for grasses to make green. On the other hand, there are some potions that are good for grasses and on the other hand kill weeds. So, we need sometimes dual action fertilizer. In these cases, the herbicide is better. It is a special type of fertilizer that takes care of green grasses to grow and kills the weeds on the other hand.

Around mid-summer, from  June to July we have to use fertilizer in our grasses. By providing fertilizer to the grasses you will get rich color in the lawn. We have to select the fertilizer that will have a slow-release formula that will keep the lawn alive. Too much fertilizer may burn the grasses and discolor them. We also have to follow all the directions to use the fertilizers as to how much to apply on the lawn.

Similarly in the late summer, we can apply another round of fertilizer. We have to maintain a 50-60 days gap for fertilizer application each time. But this time we have to avoid nitrogen, on the other hand, keep concerned about the slow release product. If you can test the soil, what type of soil material is needed, then you can input them through fertilizer. Putting all ingredients as needed will make our lawn green forever.

Always choose the right fertilizer that comes with both potions for green grass and killer for weed. Companies making fertilizer for longer time have more expertise, try to choose their product.

How To Fertilize Zoysia Grass

Farming Zoysia grass is not complicated but it requires maintenance and proper care. Only with proper planning, care and maintenance you can have a green lawn with zoysia grass. Let me know how to start grass farming. The land should be on the northern side. Other lands are ok but the northern side land is perfect for green lawn. The land should have proper sunlight. If the land is shady there is a different method too.

Watering the land is necessary for zoysia grass plantation. When the land is moist, you can plant grass there. For that you have to ensure, weekly once watering on the land as without proper rainfall the grass will not grow. These are the basic requirements for planting zoysia grass. Then you have to apply fertilizer on the land, that will be the first time food for the grasses. After that, in every 50-60 days you have to distribute fertilizer on lawn. As, it will ensure the perfect potion for the land and grass.

The fertilizer application process is not tough, you will scatter them on the land. The first time will be on the moist land, before planting grasses. Then in every 50-60 days we have to apply the fertilizer for better growing of the grasses. If we choose the perfect type of fertilizer from stores then the grass lawn will be awesome.

So, what would be the right process? You bring the best fertilizer from the nearest stores or online. Then apply it on the lawn. Loosen the earth with spades to mix the fertilizer with soil well. As it will make the soil better to adjust with Zoysia seeds. It will grow a lot of green grasses  in the lawn. Fertilizer is the main food for soil. Along with it, if it gets sunlight and water properly, then you will get better results.

Here we need to ensure water supply to the land. We can water the land once a week. The soil will be moist. As per requirement if the land is on the northern side, it will get proper sunlight, if not it should be open as proper air circulation is there. The Zoysia grass lawn needs proper care. Not only this, when they start to grow we need to mow the land regularly. Every week we will mow as the height of the grasses remain the same.

Some FAQ

When should you fertilize zoysia?

The best time to fertilize zoysia is spring. When you see grasses have grown at least 50%, you have to fertilize the land. Generally in the USA the timing is between March and May.

Is Scotts Turf Builder good for Zoysia?

If we apply Scotts Turf Builder to Zoysia lawn then it can be effective for the weeds but the grasses may become discolored. In that case, Augustine Weed and Feed is safer for Zoysia.

How to make Zoysia dark green?

When we need a dark green lawn, we have to find a fertilizer with a good percentage of nitrogen and minimum phosphorus. The nitrogen should be slow release as all the nutrient does not reach at a time. In the meantime for weak growth the grasses become dark green.

How can I speed up Zoysia growth?

We need to rent a core aerator for that. We need to go over the existing grasses a lot of time, then rake up the materials. Then spread on the area, where you want to grow, then topdress a bit. Keep watering to keep it moist, you will find grasses growing fast.

How do I make my Zoysia grass thicker?

We need to use the mower for this task. You have to use the lowest setting feature of the mower in spring. Grasses will start to get better moisture and sunlight then. For early mowing, grasses start to grow thicker and turn green in a short time.

What can I spray on Zoysia grass to kill weeds?

Herbicide is the best option to make the weeds die. You can use Ferti-Lome Broadleaf weed killer, it is excellent for grasses. There is no fertilizer, it is perfect for applying in winter. It protects the grass from any type of invasive weeds in the lawn.

Final Words:

Today we have discussed a lot about the best fertilizer for zoysia grass, we have shared our knowledge with you as you can have detailed ideas while buying one. Buying the right one is tough, but we will ensure that if you select one product from our preferred list, you will be a winner. Or you can also apply your knowledge to get the right product.

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