Best .155 String Trimmer Line

Best .155 String Trimmer Line

Weeds and grasses make our yard look dirty and ugly. So we have to clean them up in order to make it beautiful. Trimmer is a must have a garden tool in this case. They can trim all types of grasses and bushes and weeds from your yard.

While working with a trimmer, the trimming line can often need to be replaced. However, there are lots of variations of trimmer lines available but not all of them are the best and will support your trimmer. Here we have the .155 trimmer line that is the best of all instances.

In this article, I will discuss the 5 best .155 string trimmer lines to buy in 2021 and some great tips on replacing and choosing suitable trimmer lines. Without further ado, let’s get started-

The Top Choices at a Glance:

Here I have listed the 5 best .155 string trimmer line from different types of industry & functions.

  1. A ANLEOLIFE Commercial .155-Inch String Trimmer Line
  2. Arnold Maxi-Edge .155-Inch Commercial Trimmer Line
  3. Oregon Heavy-Duty Professional .155 Inch String Trimmer Line
  4. Cyclone Desert Extrusion .155-Inch Commercial Line
  5. Oregon Gatorline Square .155 Inch String Trimmer Line

What Is The Trimmer Line?

The Trimmer line is usually made of nylon material and used to trim grasses associated with the trimmer machine itself. While spinning at a very high velocity, it works like a shape blade and can cut through the small bush and grasses.

Trimmer line is sometimes also known as trimmer string, or trimmer wire, or trimmer cord. This method of using nylon string instead of a blade is very popular and cheap. Anyone can easily replace it. It is also safe to use. Because spinning metal blades can cause severe damage in an accidental situation and it is expensive as well.

There are a lot of variations available if you are going to buy a trimmer line. In this article, I will cover them as much as I can. Keep reading to know the types and categories, and sizes of trimmer lines.

What Size String Trimmer Line Should I Use?

The most convenient answer would certainly be the heaviest and also sharpest scale that my trimmer has the ability to efficiently transform without dropping potential to wind resistance.

Expecting your string trimmer has the power, which ought to be the instance for the professional lawn specialist, you will not drop trimming performance by utilizing a thicker line on lighter task work.

Additionally, if you require to leap over to a much heavier obligation-cutting job, you will not need to mess around with changing over to a line that can handle it.

For a lot of homeowners, a rounded nylon line will possibly deal with the massive bulk of precise cutting requirements. You could ask something much heavier for getting rid of and also bordering out underbrush, but also for taking care of the yard around your home and also backyard through light-scale round nylon functions.

Naturally, this expects typical damage on the line will not trouble you excessively. If you intend to invest much less time re-spooling your trimming head, changing to a much more long-lasting product is an alternative, although a more expensive one.

1. For lighter to medium works like cutting turf, 0.065? -0.085? would certainly suffice.
2. For medium to hefty jobs like thicker grass and also yard, a 0.085? -0.11? line variety can make the work efficiently done.
3. For the massive jobs, whatever is thicker than 0.11? is sufficient to obtain the work and function.

5 Best .155 String Trimmer Line Reviews 2021

1. A ANLEOLIFE Commercial .155-Inch String Trimmer Line

A ANLEOLIFE Commercial .155-Inch String Trimmer Line

If you are looking for a trimmer line that can be used for your everyday household tasks, then the Anleolife .155 inch trimmer line can be the best option. You will find it performing like a beast similar to the one of commercial-grade and high price, although it is cheap.

What shapes the Anleolife Trimmer Line special is that it comes with a multi-side line, which is just one of the most reliable choices for smaller and heavy tasks. This multi-sided line enables you to cut with the turf effortlessly. However, to handle thick shrubs and also some kinds of brush.

This is one of the far better choices to think about if you require a trimmer line which will certainly offer an exceptionally clean-cut. This line is manufactured from a selection of plasticized products that make it resistant and also thick without being quickly breakable and also breakable. It likewise has a high density of nylon-66-copolymer that is suitable for including stamina as well as longevity to the line without getting it hefty.

Generally, you’ll discover that it’s reasonably immune to damages. One more attribute that makes Anleolife Trimmer Line a lot more practical is because the spool features an integrated line cutter. This implies that you may conveniently feed a brand-new line right into your weed trimmer as well as remove any type of damaged and fragile items.

This grass trimmer line/string is exceptionally versatile, which aids in minimizing the variety of times this will certainly barge in the center of a task. You’ll likewise discover that its durability will certainly assist you in scheduling even more lines when contrasted to various other brand names; you’ll typically utilize numerous feet of this version contrasted to one to 2 spindles of a different kind. The multi-side style is a substantial rise from the round line, specifically if you own a thick brush to work with.

Some have actually discovered that this line is equivalent and ordinary to what features your trimmer, though it relies on everything you wish to utilize it for. It’s not the most reliable choice for thick flora, neither will it be resistant against solid edges and paths essential to know. The size of the line is slim, which could not get it perfect for sturdy yard upkeep.


  • Adaptable
  • Reliable


  • Typical productivity
  • Thin width

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2. Arnold Maxi-Edge .155-Inch Commercial Trimmer Line

Arnold Maxi-Edge .155-Inch Commercial Trimmer Line

If you are looking for a durable trimmer line that can sometimes reduce via weeds. The Arnold Maxi Edge .155 string exclusive trimmer line is a premier fave for backyard proprietors anywhere.

Lugged as very easy to manually wind it as well as fill, this appears to be very easy for basic yard and also lawn treatment every year as well as is a substitute line that does not dissatisfy. This is not a line made to stand up to thick weeds or rugged surface areas conveniently and also will certainly use as well as damage much easier than a bigger cable due to the fact that of its diameter as well as smooth shape.

Being enduring as well as sturdy, it fits almost every electrical, cordless, as well as gas-powered version, does not include any kind of unneeded weight to stall your engine. It supplies the added required toughness to access greater than simply great lawns and also weeds.

It is more powerful than a .110 line. However, typically a simple to feed trimmer that asks for a smaller-sized line without binding. It is a great item and also good for value. However, this string trimmer line is suitable for tiny yard and yard proprietors requiring a long-lasting substitute line for their trimmer; however, do not fret about lots of thick or rowdy weeds.


  • Performs efficiently with auto-feed functions
  • Set up is quick and easy


  • Just appraised for smaller to medium cutting works

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3. Oregon Heavy-Duty Professional .155 Inch String Trimmer Line

Oregon Heavy-Duty Professional .155 Inch String Trimmer Line

Are you an expert gardener? Are you trying to find a trimming line one will not dissatisfy you? Oregon Magnum Gatorline 22-855 is very well built to satisfy the high needs of large-scale professional landscape designs. This is one of the best .155 trimmer lines available on the market.

Developed to suit devices working with.155 inches width allocations, this effective string is functional as well as, as a result, very easy for the majority of people to match regardless of the cutting device of the selection.

It comes with a 251 feet overall length which is simply long sufficient to assist you ace via challenging as well as tough jobs. Additionally, This line is manufactured from twin Polymers with encouragements from Aramid fiber, thus manufacturing it rather effectively, sturdy, as well as efficient in cutting with thick bushes.

With its High trimming capability, Magnum Gatorline makes it possible for you to attain cleaner, straighter cuts with much less effort. A high-strength internal core stands up to damage which indicates that the line can last longer, and also, you don’t have to worry about replacing again.

This line is square fit. Oregon Magnum Gatorline 22-855 is optimal for lowering thick, huge weeds. When you strike trees and also rocks, the line stays undamaged.


  • The overall length is significantly longer at 251 feet.
  • Durable.
  • Outstanding for landscape design experts.
  • Square build.


  • The line is costly.
  • Not great for small work.

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4. Cyclone Desert Extrusion .155-Inch Commercial Line

Cyclone Desert Extrusion .155-Inch Commercial Line

Are you trying to find the very best all-in-one trimmer line? The Cyclone CY155S3 can easily be a terrific alternative if so. Sizing up in a 0.155-inch Dimension, this particular patented-grade trimmer line is best to make use of in thick and also grass fields.

The Cyclone CY155S3 is a multi-sided trimmer line that includes six various sides. It will certainly enhance the line’s reducing capability, allowing it to be lowered over weeds as well as lawn nicely with no resistance or problem. Over time, this will certainly additionally conserve great deals of deterioration, stopping your device from handing out in advance.

It can be found in a roll of 315 feet., this two-pack of 2 trimmer lines is relatively expensive. It must last for an extensive time period. What’s even more, this line is made for an industrial weed whacker. It is thick as well as durable adequate to handle both hostile and also broadband.

Created utilizing copolymer nylon, the Cyclone CY155S3 is particularly manufactured to chop over bushes and grass, effortlessly making things excellent for the lawn’s capacity. As time goes on, this trimmer line will certainly slow down strangely thoroughly. It can easily trim over thousands of feet of undesirable herbs with no crushing.


  • Proprietary-grade trimmer line
  • Extremely thick
  • Suitable for specialist landscaping companies
  • It can deal with high and also hostile rates
  • Resilient and Sturdy
  • Unique copolymer formula supplies much longer enduring business cutting


  • Extremely thick
  • Costly

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5. Oregon Gatorline Square .155 Inch String Trimmer Line

Oregon Gatorline Square .155 Inch String Trimmer Line

You ought to choose one that has greater influence resistance when you are seeking a business-grade trimmer line. The factor for this is the matter you never ever recognize, just how the surface will certainly react to your trimmer lineup until you begin functioning. Oregon 21-855 comes with 3 pounds of spool that can last longer and seldom breaks up until it subsides.

The developers make use of a square trimmer line layout, unlike the standard round trimmer line, to guarantee you obtain a clean, also, and also succinct surface when servicing your yard. It is a slim trimmer line for extreme as well as severe cutting problems.

In spite of all the remarkable attributes, it is much more budget-friendly than many various others .155 trimmer lines. This trimmer line is environment-friendly in the shade and also can occasionally show up unnoticeable, particularly when dealing with environment-friendly as well as lavish plants.


  • Appropriate for expert landscape design and also horticulture
  • Suitable with tons of versions and also a set of trimmers
  • Budget-friendly

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How To Install A Trimmer Line?

Disconnect the trimmer from the electric power supply unit if it is an electric trimmer then. Otherwise, switch the power supply button off and put the trimmer on hard and plain surface areas like a workbench or floor.

Wear handwear covers to safeguard your hand. It’s best practice to brush any kind of dust or particles from the trimmer cap prior to starting the job.

Situate the main switch under the trimmer head. Then hold the trimmer head with one of your hands and also with the other hand, grasp the faucet switch as well as draw right out of the trimmer head. Establish the faucet switch setting up apart.

Draw the line off from the cylinder from the trimmer head. Eliminate any kind of continuing to get rid of the used line from the reel/spool and also throw out.

Cut a 20-30 feet length (according to the guidebook or direction for the particular design you have) of .155 inch size trimmer line from the filler spool using sharp scissors.

Hold one the edge of the line as well as insert 1/2 inch right into the hole of the spool. Wind the new line onto the spool in the instructions suggested on the packaging, generally in a clockwise movement. Maintain the covers concentric and also prevent overlapping, to avoid feeding concerns with the line throughout usage.

Leave 4 to 7 inches of the line extending from the reel/spool and also preserve it in position on the line holder notch on the side of the spool. Feed completion of the line expansion from the spool right into and with the trimmer cap hole.

Place the filled line spool right into the trimmer head area, as well as press the faucet switch setting up firmly back over the trimmer head, so it splits right into put. Pull on the trimmer line extending from the trimmer cap to drive it from the string/line holder notch.

Insights On How Trimmer Line Operates

The Trimmer line makes use of monofilament lines in trimming weeds, turf, as well as woody plants. Via rotating at a greater rate, the trimming head ends up being a lot more to create enough centrifugal pressure holding lines out at a rigid straight angle, making practical and reliable trimming feasible.

The arc, as well as the elevation of the trimmer, can be changed by hand by the individual or the driver. Such modification makes the trimmer much handier in trimming around the trees, rock beds, as well as a lot more. Furthermore, this can additionally be transformed vertically-edging details near the walkways as well as driveways.

The lines and trimming heads can be switched over bent on various fit lines on many versions. You have a much better figure as well as inspecting what your trimming head can handle. This still depends on the kind of tasks carried out.

Thicker pre cut lines, thinner spooled lines, square as well as serrated lines, and also blades or chains can be used. The trimmer lines can be found in various forms and densities and were made in various products.

Choosing The Best .155 String Trimmer Line

The Thickness Of The Trimmer Line

This possibly arrives as not a surprise to any individual, yet the overall policy along with the string trimmer line is actually that the more durable the function, the more thick free throw line requires to become. A bigger dimension will certainly enhance the energy and also toughness of the free-throw line, which results in much less damage as well as wear-out.

The string trimmer line can be found in a series of fullness. For easy work, including trimming down the lawn, 0.064? -0.084? needs to suffice. For more thick lawn and also pots, a line in the 0.084? -0.11? the array will certainly do the job, as well as for more thick underbrush, everything thicker than 0.11? will certainly function.

One detail for the cord-free trimmer customers: a more thick cord will certainly possess an impact on your energy and also runtime. As the thickness of the free-throw line rises, even more, wind protection has an effect on the reducing scalp, reducing the velocity at which the motor can easily turn the reducing scalp.

Much higher current and also beefier cordless trimmers are going to most likely have the ability to take care of more thick scale pipes extra effectively, yet lesser current versions may have a problem with a more thick line Normally, it is actually the absolute best to describe the supplier’s suggestion for line measurements.

Considering you are actually performing massive cutting along with an effective maker, you need to get the.155 trimmer line. It is actually the best well-known in the durable job variation.

Build Material Of The Trimmer Line

Nylon material is actually the very most typical material for the trimmer line. For bigger work improved complex nylon material sting can easily be actually utilized as may inside bolstered nylon material or also lightweight aluminum or even titanium.

The Shape Of The Trimmer Line

Trimmer line happens in a selection of designs: sphere, turned, area, celebrity molded, and also ragged. The garbled line is actually a little bit a lot better, as the shape possesses a bit additional of a reducing upper hand to it. What Size String Trimmer Line Should I Use?

The sides of these trimmer lines are actually sharper than the spherical trimmer line and also reduced by means of the lawn instead of tear at it. The irregular line is actually an additional choice when it happens to a sharper trimmer line.

So What Is Best For Me?

Certainly, not all trimmers function effectively along with the more thick line, specifically some electrical trimmers. Much higher current styles must have the capacity to handle any kind of scale yet reduced current versions might possess a concern along with more thick collections. Just before purchasing, life examines your manufacturer’s guide for the correct scale of line to utilize as well as the effective material.

If you possess bigger flora or even if a place is actually certainly not cut frequently, a more thick line must be actually utilized of various shape lines, like a multi-sided line or even a garbled line. A more thick line must be actually made use of if a sizable place needs to have to be actually pruned, as you will definitely not require to switch out the line or even re-spool it as frequently as it puts on down.

If you require additional assistance or even if you require much more line I am actually listed below to assist. Our team possesses it or even our company can easily obtain it if you require the cord. Provide our team a checkout and also our company can easily aid if you only need to have much more cord or even are actually appearing to lastly deal with that garden job!

Final Verdict

I have tried to describe all the necessary things that you might need to choose a trimmer line. Always try to get the one that fits with you trimmer with high durability.

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